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Find internships

Simple tips to help you find an internship

Internships are temporary work placements in workplaces and educational institutions. Internships can be paid or unpaid and the duration can vary from a week to a full academic year.

Some of the benefits of undertaking an internship can include:

  • Contributing to your education through course credits.
  • Helping to improve your English.
  • Helping you develop a network of professional contacts, which could be useful for future references.
  • Learning new work skills and practices.

Cutting through the tough graduate job market can be quite challenging for many international students. Paid or unpaid, that’s why internships are important in giving you real world experience in the industry you want to work.

To help your chances of success, here are some simple tips that can help you land that dream placement:

Check your visa

There are several student and work visas that allow international students to intern.

Different conditions may apply, including:

  • how many hours a day/week you can intern
  • whether you can earn money as an intern.

Check the conditions of your visa before undertaking any internship placement.

Speak with your university or school

Every institution has different policies when it comes to internships. You may want to consult your international student support staff for available opportunities in the institution. Chances are they have the resources which you may not be able to access on your own to help steer you in the right direction.

Explore and weigh your options

There is a myriad of internship opportunities for international students. Take your time, assess your options, and choose what’s best for you. In addition, figure out whether it will be better to go through the internship process on your own or use an internship placement agency.

Contact organisations of interest

If there’s a certain company that you are interested in working for, search their website to see if they offer internship programs to foreign students. If you can’t find any information, contact the organisation directly through email and express your interest in future openings. You can also check online portals dedicated to helping overseas students who are seeking internship jobs.

Know your field of interest

Although there are lots of internships available in a wide range of industries (i.e. business, IT and engineering), it is still important to examine your interests, field of study, and other potential internship areas. Be open-minded and think broadly about positions where you can use your skills. You never know, it may lead to a new career path you’d not previously explored.

Create a resume

Now that you have compiled a list of companies and fields of interest where you will likely apply for an internship, it’s time to build your resume. Make sure your resume highlights your core competencies and achievements and that it is relevant to the position you want to pursue.

Need further information about getting an internship?

If you are ready for an internship, we can get you internship ready. Speak to one of the IDP team today.


What is the scope for race car aerodynamics/aerodynamics?
by sahil
You could get into the role of Aerodynamicist or CDF engineer.
What universities offer a mechanical masters with internship ?
by Shiva
Some options are University of Hertfordshire, Northumbria University, Sheffield Hallam University and Manchester Metropolitan University.
How long does the entire admission process take for Australia?
by harish
On average, it takes 2 weeks but some universities take less than 1 week and others take more than 6 weeks to issue the offer letter.

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