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Protect yourself and your family with insurance

You should think carefully about insurance cover to help protect your health, your home and your belongings.

Health insurance

The type of medical coverage available to you in Canada varies depending on where you live.

All international students in Canada must have health insurance. If you are studying in a province where international students are not covered under a provincial health plan, you will need to organise private health insurance. You should research the health plans and insurance options available where you live as a priority.

Home and contents insurance

Home and contents insurance covers the building you live in and your belongings, such as your furniture, clothes and appliances. You won’t need to worry about building insurance if you’re renting, but contents insurance can be helpful if you have valuable items that would be difficult to replace if lost or stolen.


which city is more affordable Toronto or Vancouver?
by Pavit
Both Toronto and Vancouver are major cities in terms of living cost Toronto would cost around 1000 CAD per month and Vancouver would be 1100 per month
Is GMAT or GRE are required for applying in the UK?
by Anshuman
GMAT or GRE is not a mandatory requirement to study further in the UK. Only a few very highly ranked institutions may ask you for it.
Will i get university which cost below 15 lakhs for my PG course
by supraja
there are some universities which will cost you below 15 lakhs per annum.

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