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Canadian student visa requirements

You can take the hassle out of study permits by understanding the facts. It is really that easy.

In Canada, a student visa is often referred to as a "study permit".

It is important that you make sure you have the correct study permit for your international studies before you leave for Canada.

Where to find the right information

As study permit conditions can change quickly, you will need to make sure you follow up to date advice.

The best place to find this advice is on the website of the Canadian immigration authority, which is called the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

If you need help in finding the relevant IRCC information, your IDP counsellor can direct you to it. Your counsellor can also help you find the authorised immigration representatives, if required.

We can help you

Often, you will have to translate and courier your documents.

Our team can help you through this as well, so that you have less paperwork to keep track of.

We offer visa support to students like you who wish to study in Canada, for free of charge.

We would also advise you to visit the IRCC and other relevant websites to ensure that you have the latest information on visa requirements.

Our commitment is to help you in your study abroad journey. We do not provide immigration and permanent residency advice.


I have an education gap of 3 years and was ideal at home without work.Will it be okay for my admission?
by rinwith
Australia accepts upto 2 years justified gap however depending on the university discretion.
Hi , what are the scholarship options at Anglia Ruskin university
by Raja
Hi Raja, you can check the range of scholarships here https://aru.ac.uk/student-life/help-with-finances/scholarships/ Also you can meet the representatives to know more details.
Easy to find a job
by sujatha
Job options are available in Australia. It majorly depends on your Networking skills

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