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Health and Support Services

If you need assistance, we are here to help.

Moving or travelling to a new country is a big change. If you find yourself struggling to adjust, or feel someone has treated your unfairly, there are many support services available. These support services can be provided by your educational institution as well as government departments.

As a first point of contact, you may like to contact your IDP representative who will be able to offer you advice and guidance on what to do next.

If you are unsure about your consumer rights, you can visit the Consumer Protection website for more information.

Staying healthy while you study

While you’re studying, you might find you are in need of medical support.

If you need emergency medical assistance, call 111. It’s a free call, and connects you to police, fire and ambulance services.

For general medical support, you can find health service centres or medical clinics either on-campus or in your local area. It’s a good idea to register with a local doctor or medical centre when you first arrive in New Zealand.

The Accident Compensation Corporation provides 24-hour personal injury and accident cover for all visitors to New Zealand, meaning you will be eligible for accident compensation cover.

Although the public health system is subsidised by the government, there may be some charges for services when private providers are involved. When enquiring or booking an appointment, you can ask if there will be any extra charges before visiting the doctor or specialist.

You can also locate a dentist by searching online, but bear in mind, dental care is not covered under government health insurance, so you may need to get supplementary insurance to cover your dental care needs.


What are the chances of getting a Masters in information system in in Monash University?
by omkar nerurkar
That depends on the academic percentage you have achieved in your undergraduate degree at the university you have graduated.
what is the cost of executive MBA in AUS?
by udhanu
Tuition fees costs for Executive MBA ranges between INR 15 to 20 Lakhs per annum
How easy is it to get scholarship for Masters in Biotech/Biomedical?
by Daksh
It depends on your Bachelors degree academic marks. Some univerisities have automatic scholarships. For few you have to apply. They can range from approx. AUD 4000 to AUD 10,000 per annum.

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