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Living in New Zealand

You’ve chosen New Zealand, here are the basics.

New Zealand is one of the most popular options for students looking to study abroad because of the quality of life that it affords alongside its close proximity to other Pacific countries including Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia.

There are numerous advantages to studying in New Zealand. As one of the world’s smallest and most culturally diverse developed countries, you can expect to study in small classes alongside a multiplicity of different nationalities, enabling you to receive plenty of one-on-one assistance from the teacher and the chance to bond and feel at home among many different cultures. The country also has an incredibly low crime rate and one of the lowest costs of living in the developed world, making it the perfect place for those wishing to receive a world-class degree studying abroad.


Is GMAT score required to study MBA from UK along with IELTS...and which are the best universities for MBA
by Mahi
Hi, GMAT is not a mandatory requirement for most of the Universities. Based on your academic and work profile you may look at Exec-MBA at AMBA accredited Unis.
What are foundation programs? why are they required?
by Chhavi
A foundation program is a UK-inspired study course designed to fill the gap between your current level of qualification and knowledge and the level needed to be admitted to a Bachelor's degree at an international university.
What are my work conditions on a Student Visa?
by tapashya
You can work 40 hours fortnightly while your sessions are on and full time during breaks

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