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From Singapore to UQ – living the dream

Studying at the University of Queensland (UQ) helped me evolve in many ways than I ever expected.

Just by spending three years studying in a foreign country, I could see that I have changed a lot.

I learned how to navigate the various expectations which I felt I had on me. I was also able to overcome the challenges I faced as I started to live on my own, away from my family, in a different country.

How I decided to study at UQ

As a student from Singapore, I chose to pursue my journalism degree at the University of Queensland because my friends were already talking about it. I also got a two-year exemption from the diploma in chemical engineering which I was then pursuing at the Singapore Polytechnic, as the university was affiliated with the institution.

My parents weren’t thrilled about me switching my degrees when I first told them about my dream of being a reporter. But once they realised that I really wanted to study journalism, they gave me their wholehearted support.

That’s when I really felt like I had a breakthrough in my life.

Studying abroad

I wish I could go back to the university and relive the experiences I have had again - the friends I made, the silly things I did, and of course, all the late-night studying while munching on two-minute noodles.

Studying abroad also helped me deal with the challenges I faced as I took on different roles and responsibilities in my career.

Pursuing my dream

I dreamt of being a reporter and made it happen by switching from chemical engineering to journalism - it was the best decision I have made in my life.

With my experience in publishing and social media, in my current role, I get to advise multiple countries on what makes good content, what engages people, what words will work and how it is important to pay attention to the needs and wants of the audience.

I love my job because I get to think of the bigger picture daily. I contribute to the local business goals and help the regional teams in achieving the global team’s visions.

And all of this happened, because I made the decision to move to Australia.


How many years of PSW does Canberra offer?
by sita
Canberra is now giving opportunity to get 3 years of Post-study work if you meet the course and visa requirements.
Is a Master of Machine Learning available in Australia?
by yamini
Yes it is available in universities like The University of Adelaide, ANU and offered as a specialization in masters at most universities.
Is Australia a good place to study a masters in biotechnology?
by yash
Yes absolutely, Biotechnology is a good option as there are good work opportunities when you graduate.

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