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DePaul University - a learning experience

I chose DePaul University because of the number of classes it offers and the ability to customise my degree. I love my course as I can learn a lot about new tools that I can implement in my career.

There are a lot of volunteering opportunities and work experience at DePaul University. I get to learn a lot about different careers and have hands-on experience both in and out of the classroom.

The university also brings in guest speakers and takes its students for company visits. I have the opportunity to visit Google this year with a guest speaker.

How IDP helped me with my application

My counsellor was really helpful and on every step of the application process, I always knew everything that was going on.

My counsellor gave me a lot of information about other schools as well so that I could choose the right university.

IDP made sure that I found the right place to fit in with my personality, score, and experience. IDP also helped me with the visa application.

25% Scholarship

I wanted to study at DePaul University and the scholarship I have received makes it easier for me.

I worked hard on my grades and ensured that I studied well for the tests. I am glad it paid off.

I think I got the scholarship because I have volunteered for a lot of different things like social service. All of this added to my skill set.

My extra-curricular activities

I attend various marketing events. These events offer great learning opportunities and are also wonderful platforms to network with people from other fields.

I also participate in community service during the spring break to support the homeless.

Life in Chicago

In Chicago, there is a lot to choose from. I like to hang out with my friends and go to museums or restaurants. Because I can find a lot of good Thai food it feels a bit like home for me.


How much does it cost to study in the UK?
by Chandru
Tuition fees would range from £12000 to £25000 and living cost would be £9135GBP to £11385 per year.
Can I apply for more than one scholarship at a time?
by ANR
Some universities will allow you to apply for multiple scholarships, however, you can only be rewarded one.
Is it easy to get part-time job in my field with 1 year work experience?
by lalith
Yes, experience will help you get a part-time job but it can be competitive depending on your industry and level of experience.

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