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Studying in the USA with a scholarship

I wanted to study abroad ever since I was a child. I wanted to explore a new culture, see the world and make more friends. At Western Michigan University, I am doing just that.

All of this happened because I was looking at my options to pursue my education abroad, rather than enrolling in a local university.

I wanted to come to the USA because it offers the best education in the world.

My experience with IDP

I found out about IDP through one of my friends in Sri Lanka.

When I consulted with my IDP counsellor, I was studying at the American National College in Sri Lanka. I didn’t want to lose my time and wanted to study abroad as soon as possible.

My counsellor told me that I could transfer my credits from American National College to WMU in the USA through IDP. He was very supportive and kept in touch with me every day throughout the application process.

He even went the extra mile and gave me updates on the process outside of his office hours, which I thought was great.

My scholarship

The USD 5,000 scholarship I received for having a 3.5 GPA in Sri Lanka helps me enjoy my college life in the USA as a sophomore.

This is because I only have to maintain a GPA of over 2.5 to remain eligible for the scholarship, and not stress about my studies.

When I become a junior, the scholarship will go up to USD 7,500 per year.

Foreign country but friendly people

Studying in the USA gives me a completely new experience.

I am excited to be in a different country. I have made friends from all over the world, including students from countries like Malaysia and New Zealand. Also, people in the USA are very nice and helpful.

For students out there who want to study abroad, I would say, “Don’t be shy and take a risk.”

It is worth it. 


What is the average living cost?
by adhya
The average living cost in Australia is AUD 21041 per annum
When do the courses start in the UK?
by Sajan
There are two intakes, January and September. September is a major intake with all the universities offering almost all the courses however January is considered as a small intake with a limited number of universities and limited courses.
Is it possible to get VISA for my parents
by sandhiya
yes, they can apply as a tourist or visit visa

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