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Feeling at home in the USA

Although Pranav comes from a small town in India, he found it very easy to fit in at Western Michigan University (WMU) in Kalamazoo.

I love Kalamazoo. It is a safe, peaceful place where I can do everything from enjoying nature to going out with friends.

How my counsellor helped me

I am so glad that Lena, my counsellor at IDP, pointed me in the right direction.

He was very thorough and asked me several questions to understand what I would be comfortable with and prefer.

Lena asked me questions ranging from what weather I liked, to what course I preferred to study, and most importantly, what my budget was. He put all of these factors together and shortlisted a few universities that met my requirements.

Visiting the WMU campus

Once I visited the main campus of WMU, I felt like this was my new home - it was so beautiful.

Before I moved to the USA, my counsellor had also put me in touch with a few students at WMU who also went through IDP.

When I got in touch with them started staying with other students from WMU, I suddenly felt like I wouldn’t be alone in a foreign country.

University life

People are friendly in this town and I love that I can learn at the university while earning some money here working at the Dining Centre. There are a lot of jobs available on-campus, like catering, dorm jobs, security, etc.


what is the Visa Sub class for Students ?
by rounit
The VISA subclass for students is Subclass 500
what is the living cost in Melbourne?
by prakhar
The average living cost at Melbourne is AUD 21,041
Whom do I connect to explore MBA opportunities in Oxford ?
by Srinath
Hi, Oxford is not participating in the event. https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/programmes/oxford-mba

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