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Differences between Australian Government and Private High School

Australia is one of the best countries to live in the world. With a well-established education system, beautiful natural environment and the relaxing pace of life, Australia is indeed a popular destination for international students.

But why study High School in Australia? Well, Hong Kong students can learn in an English environment, participate in different extracurricular activities, get to know more about the local people and culture, and explore their unlimited potentials.

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With a 12-year Education System in Australian, students can apply directly to Australian universities after completing high school. With year 7 to 10 being the most ideal time to enrol into high schools in Australia, parents in Hong Kong would prefer sending their children to study in Australia as early as possible.

Want to know more about studying high school in Australia? Our IDP Education Counsellors could provide you with useful information and help you prepare for school application. >>>Contact us now

Government or Private High School?

Australian high schools are usually divided into government(state) schools or private schools, each with different advantages. Contact our IDP Education Counsellors to know more about the difference between the two:

With chosen partners, IDP Education could help students find the best accommodation. Australia offers lots of accommodation options and IDP Education have chosen partners: Australian Homestay Network, Study Vision, Urbanest and Iglu due to their exceptional service to international students. Contact our IDP Education Counsellors for more information on accommodation in Australia.

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Why Study in Australia

If you want to further your education, undertake a world class degree or just fast track your career, Australia offers a whole range of opportunities. Let’s consider the many advantages Australia has.

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