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IDP Student Essentials Services | Get your SIM Card Ready! (Australia)

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剛扺達澳洲,正想 WhatsApp 家人報平安時,卻發現連不上機場 Wi-Fi,或 Wi-Fi 連線不穏定,要馬上趕去買當地電話卡?

其實只要預先做好準備就可以避免以上的情況。IDP 學生支援服務為到澳洲留學的學生提供多項貼心的支援服務,包括為學生提供免費澳洲 SIM Card(由 Lebara 提供*)。學生可在出發前預先知道自己的澳洲手提電話號碼。並於出發前預先到網上啟動 SIM Card 並充值。學生在到埗後即可馬上使用當地流動數據及通話服務,十分方便!

Credit to: LebaraGlobal

IDP Education

IDP is a Global company that offers services to support people wishing to study abroad. We represent more than 700 overseas universities and almost 80 UK Universities, and assist student to apply the univeristies free-of-charge and provide professional study advices.

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* 須受 Lebara 有關條款及細則約束

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Student Essentials Services

Student Essentials Services

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