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Life Abroad | Ireland, Northern Ireland Which is Which?

愛爾蘭 (Ireland) 和北愛爾蘭 (Northern Ireland) 有甚麼分別?其實北愛爾蘭和愛爾蘭都在同一個島嶼上,雖然相鄰,但兩者之間是有着一個國界 (border) 的,因為北愛爾蘭是英國 (United Kingdom) 的一部份,而愛爾蘭則是一個獨立的西歐國家。其實近來不少學生都有考慮去愛爾蘭留學,你知道為甚麼嗎?

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愛爾蘭是位於歐洲最西邊的一個島國,是英國以後,歐洲第二大的島嶼。愛爾蘭是歐盟成員國之一,當地語言為英語及愛爾蘭語,並以英語教學為主。愛爾蘭的首都是都柏林 (Dublin),要注意不要與德國的首都柏林 (Berlin) 混淆。愛爾蘭是一個天主教國家,使用的貨幣為歐元,以上這些有關愛爾蘭的小知識你又知道幾多呢?


雖然鄰近英國,但愛爾蘭的學制卻跟英國並不一樣。愛爾蘭的大學主要行四年制,一般學生需要修讀四年課程才可以取得榮譽學位。目前愛爾蘭擁有 7 所全球排名前 3% 的大學、14 所技術學院、以及二十多間私立大學,為學生提供廣泛的課程及學科選擇,加上在愛爾蘭升學的留學費用及生活費都較低其他國家,令愛爾蘭成了近年海外升學的熱門選擇之一。有意考慮去愛爾蘭留學?

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Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and there are many reasons to study here. Schools and universities are globally connected and graduates of Irish education institutions have access to opportunities in many different careers all over the world.

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Education has been prized in Ireland throughout its long and sometimes difficult history. Today Ireland’s higher education system offers excellent programmes for international students of all ages. More than one in ten full-time students come from overseas.

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Are the costs of studying in Ireland expensive? Compared to many other top-level universities around the world, not really.

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