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Course advice

Every course offers a unique mix of m different ingredients — from the subjects taught, to the location of the campus, to the career this leads you to. If you’re still deciding on possible courses, debating two fields of study or you have no idea what kind of career you want, your IDP counsellor will help you find the right course for you as well as coordinate your university application.

Find the best fit
With such a wide choice of courses and universities to consider, deciding what and where to study overseas can be overwhelming.

IDP provides tailored personal advice just for you. The IDP team are backed by a sophisticated knowledge matching system which contains the latest information on our partner institutions, that includes schools, English language colleges, vocational colleges as well as universities.

Some key considerations we consider in your consultations are:

Subject matter
The first step towards your dream course of study is to consider your experiences, topics of interest and your education so far. Your IDP counsellor will help you come up with a shortlist and help you understand the detail of the course handbooks and your subject choices.

Timelines and budgets
When choosing where to study it’s important to consider the course fees together with other expenses and how much you can afford. Your IDP counsellor will talk you through when to apply and when courses start in different destinations.

Career goals

Choosing your course should help put you on the path towards a profession you’ll love. Your IDP counsellor will give you advice on the course that can help to get you where you want to be.

Course experience and campus life

Remember the social culture and environment of a university or educational institution are important factors in creating a happy and fulfilling settingyou’re your studies. You are unique - you may thrive in a bustling city campus, or you may prefer a smaller, more rural location. You may want a more culturally diverse campus or one with active clubs and societies. These are all taken this into account as we help you choose your course and location.

Apply with confidence

IDP takes the hassle out of applying to your school or university.

Your IDP counsellor can submit your applications on your behalf. They can supply the institution’s course application documents, compile your applications, certify any supporting documents you might need and send your application directly to the school or university.

Get ready to go
You will usually receive a response from the institution within 2-6 weeks of submitting your application. When a institution offers you a place in a course, you’ll receive an offer letter. Sometimes, a representative from the educational institution can evaluate if you are eligibe for a course and print you an offer letter during your interview at our office or at one of IDP’s many international student events. These are held regularly throughout the year.

Acceptance and payment

You can accept an offer immediately, If there are no conditions that you need to meet stated on your offer letter (for example such conditions could include: providing a new IELTS test result, providing an academic transcript of recently completed studies, or providing certified documents).

Offers can also be accepted at our IDP office by paying the required deposit.

If your required payment for tuition fees is a bank draft, you should make it payable to the institution and IDP will courier it to the institution.

Next steps
Choose a subject area and we’ll find courses that match your criteria.

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IDP Education, established in 1969, is a world leader in assisting international students to find the right overseas study option for them.

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