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DSE Zone

With limited places at government-funded universities, studying abroad offers several advantages. As well as securing a place at a top-ranking university and studying your favourite subject, you can also improve your English and broaden your life experiences. There are many overseas study choices and IDP partners with more than 600 high quality universities and schools across the world. Contact us now to start your study aboard plan.

Tel: 2179 3600

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1. Research
Do a little research before you speak to us and get an idea of the subject areas that interest you the most. 

2. Speak to one of our IDP counsellors
When you’re ready, make an appointment with an IDP counsellor. Our counsellors are professionally certified and many have been international students themselves. Your counsellor will work through all the details, big and small, to ensure the best possible fit between you, your preferred areas of study and your future university.

3. Make your application
Your IDP counsellor will support you through your university or course applications. We take our work seriously and follow the strictest legal and ethical standards.

4. Accepting your offer
Once a university or school receives your application it will be assessed and you will then be notified of the result. It can take a few weeks (or longer for postgraduate courses) for your application to be processed.

5. Practise your English skills
It’s always a good idea to brush up on your English skills to ensure you can keep up with what your lecturers are saying, especially if English is not your first language. Try watching things like TV news and talk shows, reading books or listening to podcasts where the English is more formal.

6. Student Visa
Now that you have been accepted, it’s time to apply for your student visa. IDP can provide you with some information to make sure you are well positioned to navigate this process with the immigration departments. 

7. Ready, steady, go!
We host regular pre-departure sessions throughout the year to help prepare you for student life in your new country.

Contact our counsellors for more information now!
Tel: 2179 3600

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