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DSE Study Abroad Zone

Studying abroad has become increasingly popular in Hong Kong these days. However, with the huge amount of information available on the internet, DSE students and their parents could get confused as they search for their next study destination.

IDP Education believes that every student is different and hence have different needs. As we help students look for their “Right” study choice, there are a few points to look out for:

My DSE Results

Essentially, DSE results would be the ultimate element affecting students’ final decision. While the best scenario would be getting accepted into an undergraduate degree directly, it is definitely not the end of the world if otherwise. A lot of universities provide pathway courses for students whose results might not be as ideal. As they complete their Foundation, International Year One or Diploma courses, students could then proceed to year one or two of their undergraduate course. Pre-planning a few study options before getting your DSE results would make you better prepared and eventually more confident on the results release day. 

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) application for 2021 is now open. Want to take this opportunity and prepare for your study abroad journey in the UK? >>More about UCAS

The “Right” Institution

There are 11 universities in total in Hong Kong, making it very competitive for students to get into university. Comparatively, there is a larger range of overseas universities students could choose from accordingly to their needs and preferences.

“University Rankings”, which reflects the reputation of institutions, and “University Groups”, a group of universities with similar status and research focuses, are both very useful guide to find out the teaching quality and international recognition your target university holds.
>>More about Russell Group
>>More about Group of Eight

Different styles of universities have different features too. Prestigious universities with rich historical background usually have a solid foundation in traditional courses while younger and more research-based universities might focus more on developing their innovative research work. Students should also take university campus and facilities into account, such as the number of campuses, types of student support services and whether there is a university security system etc.

Universities and institutions around the world have many scholarship and bursary programs designed for excellent international students, students can look for relevant scholarship information as they consider different institutions. >>More about Scholarships

The “Right” Subject

In addition to the popular subjects in Hong Kong like Business, Law, Psychology and Social Science, students can find more specialist subjects in universities overseas. Subjects like Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Life Science and Data Science are less common in Hong Kong. With comprehensive research and lab facilities, students could better focus on their research and academic work. For certain courses students could even graduate with a professional license, making them ready for employment soon. Students could also choose courses with placement opportunities to get work experiences before graduation. >>How to choose a course

The “Right” Country

In terms of countries, parents, in particular, might have more concerns in terms of logistics. For instance, how far is the country and how long would the direct flight be? Is there any time difference and do they have summer or winter times? What’s the living standard and costs like? And most importantly, what are the procedures for VISA application and how long would it take? It would be best if students and parents could get to know the culture of countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the UK before making their decision. >>Different Study Abroad Options

Have yet found your “Right” study path? IDP Education would be your best choice! 

Fill in you contact details here or call us on 2179 3600, let’s start planning your overseas study journey!

IDP Virtual Office provides students and parents the convenience of contacting your Education Counsellor while staying at home.

IDP Education

IDP is a Global company that offers services to support people wishing to study abroad. We represent more than 700 overseas universities and almost 80 UK Universities, and assist student to apply the univeristies free-of-charge and provide professional study advices.

AD / HD Zone

A number of universities in Australia and the UK allow credit transfer or course exemptions from tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.

Popular Subjects

Get to know popular subjects for HKDSE students as they study overseas.

Overseas Universities Entry Requirement

Entry requirement of overseas universities for HKDSE students

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