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英國 Oxford Brookes University 獎學金計劃

英國 Oxford Brookes University 新推出的國際學生獎學金計劃*,為入讀其 2020 年課程的香港學生而設,有興趣的學生馬上向 IDP 升學顧問查詢

Oxford Brookes University 國際學生獎學金計劃(International Student Scholarships)

為入讀 2020 年學位課程的國際學生而設,成功申請的學生最高可獲取 £2,000 英鎊獎學金。國際學生獎學金計劃截止日期為 2020 年 4 月 15 日。有興趣的學生馬上向 IDP 升學顧問查詢

Credit to Oxford Brookes University

Credit to Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University 位於英格蘭的 Oxford,距離倫敦大約一小時車程。Oxford Brookes University 是一所教學實力廣受認同的英國大學,該校曾連續第三年被選為全球年輕大學首 50 名(QS Top 50 Under 50 Ranking 2018-2020),該校 94% 的研究更獲國際認證(Research Excellence Framework 2014)。Oxford Brookes University 多個學院為學生提供廣泛的學科選擇,包括商業、旅遊及酒店管理、工程、數學、動物科學、社會科學及人文學科等等。


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- 獎學金計劃內容以 Oxford Brookes University 官方網站為準
- Oxford Brookes University 保留在不作另行通知的情況下更改、撤回、暫停或取消有關獎學金計劃的權利

Oxford Brookes University International Student Scholarships – Terms and Conditions

In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

Applicants must:

  • Have an offer from the University to begin a degree programme in September 2020 and have accepted this offer by April 15th.
  • Have made payment of any tuition fee deposit by April 15th where applicable. Please read the terms of your offer carefully if a deposit is required.

Applicants must be new, full-time, international fee-paying students commencing full 3 or 4-year undergraduate degrees (including Integrated Foundation Courses) or full 1 or 2-year postgraduate degrees.

The scholarship will only be available to students commencing a degree in September 2020.

The scholarship scheme will not apply to:

  • Pre-sessional programmes in English Language
  • 1-year stand-alone Foundation Programmes including: International Foundation Diploma and Foundation in Art and Design
  • Pre-Master’s programmes (excluding the Two Year Master's Programme which will be included in the scheme)
  • Modular associate programmes or exchange programmes
  • Diploma courses
  • Certificate courses

Students are not able to claim this scholarship in conjunction with any other funding offered by Oxford Brookes.

The scholarship will not be available to students who are sponsored.

The scholarship will be awarded as a discount applicable to the student’s second semester of tuition fees. 



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