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Student Testimonials

Australia Students Sharing

Student: Son, Lau Chung Chi, Charlotte

Programme Studying/Institution:  Curtin University, Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Country: Australia

6.6 Charlotte Lau.png

"I am grateful that my parents allow me to study physiotherapy at Curtin University. Last semester, we learnt about manual muscle testing, treatment, and anatomy. I also attended the massage clinic during the semester break and gave massages to patients. Currently, I'm playing for the Reds Volleyball Club in the State League Squad and working as a volleyball coach in local high schools. Taking part in the Western Australia Volleyball League has given me a valuable opportunity to improve my skills. I've been staying at student accommodation since I came to Perth. Living on campus is worth the experience because you tend to meet people at parties and food gathering events. There are lots of social events held by the residential advisors such as stand-up paddle boarding sessions and visits to the aquarium. Everything has been great as I can do what I'm passionate about. Lastly, thanks to IDP education I will strive for the best and continue my study journey."


Student: Katrina Lam

Programme Studying/Institution: Canning College, High School

Programme Studying/Institution: Curtin University

Country: Australia

6.6 Katrina Lam_r1.png

"My parents chose Perth and found Canning College through IDP. I spent my last 2 years of high school life in Canning college, it is a really lovely place. It has a really good learning environment and atmosphere. The teachers support, nurture and encourage us when are struggling with our studies. I am very honoured to receive a scholarship from both Canning College and Curtin University. It really requires a lot of hard work to get it. Time flies during Year 12 so work hard and you should hold this time as the key chance to proceed your future career. If you miss this chance you may not have another one so hold on tight.

At first I didn't like Perth at all, because I thought it was very boring. But then I meet all my friends from Canning College and start to hang out together, I start to love this place. I love the weather, I love my school and I love the people especially my host. I think it is a very good experience to study overseas. I really appreciate IDP's arrangement and assistance of helping me to choose this school."


Student: Josie Leung

Programme Studying/Institution: Canning College, Foundation

Programme Studying/Institution: Curtin University, Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Country: Australia

6.6 Josie Leung.png

"My name is Josie Leung and I was a previous student of Canning college during the period between 2017 to 2018 studying in year 11 and the foundation course. The school was introduced to me through IDP and the staff provided me with accurate information and past reviews of the school, leading to my final decision of proceeding my future studies there. It turned out being nothing but a path of success and a great experience overall as my effort paid off and I received an offer for physiotherapy degree from Curtin University.

I'd like to thank IDP for not only introducing me to the school, but also guiding me through all necessary processes from enrolling, getting my student visa and all legal documents to settling and accommodation arrangements. The staff there are friendly, responsive and very helpful. I could not imagine the struggles I would have been through if it wasn't for the assistance of IDP, especially as an underaged student, the number of legal documents needed and the difficulty of getting approvals greatly increased. I've been very lucky to have all possible issues settled smoothly, thanks to IDP."


Parent: Ms. Lau 

Student: Son, Gordon

Programme Studying/Institution:  The University of Melbourne, Foundation

Student: Daughter, Grace

Programme Studying/Institution:  The University of Adelaide, Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Country: Australia

6.6 Student 1.png

"Thank you very much for following up on this application, your continued effort and assistance is very much appreciated. I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your help in helping my daughter and my son (Gordon in year 2016) with their application to various Universities in Australia. You have been most patient in answering our numerous questions and provided much needed assistance in the actual application; plus following up with the schools. I would dare say that without your help, my daughter and my son would be at loss as to what to do and which direction to take.Thank you again for your kind assistance and valuable guidance throughout. I wish you all the best."


Student: Whitney LAI

Programme Studying/Institution:  Curtin University, Master of Speech Pathology 

Country: Australia

6.6 Student 2.png

"There is no doubt that Australia is one of the most popular destination for international students which offers multicultural experiences and high standard of education. Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia, is especially an ideal destination for study. It has an affordable but high quality of life, coupled with fascinating beaches, parklands, and friendly neighbourhood. Since I decided to study in Australia, the team in IDP helped me a lot with their professional advice for my planning and preparation before arrival. Although I couldn’t achieve my first priority at the beginning, they contacted the alternative universities immediately and assisted me to reach the goal at the end. Hence, I fully appreciate the support I received from IDP."


Parent: Ms. Tsang

Student: Daughter, Tsang Fuk Yi

Programme Studying/Institution: Griffith University, Bachelor of Aviation Management

Country: Australia

6.6 Student 3 P.jpg

"We would like to express our satisfaction with the job delivered by Jay Lau. Since coming onto the application of TSANG Fuk Yi, Jay gives us a lot of advice and makes the application process easier. Please feel free to forward this letter to whomever should see it. It is important that good people doing good deeds is recognized."


Student:  Hung Quan Yue, Queenie 

Programme Studying/Institution:  The University of Sydney, Master of Speech-Language Pathology student

Country: Australia

6.6 Student 5.png

"Hi, I'm Alex. Finally I manage to have time to write a email to say thank you for your help throughout the last few months. You are really helpful and supportive when I have any questions about my study, offers, accommodations, scholarships etc.......

Just want to say I'm doing good here in Adelaide and a lot of appreciation from my bottom of my heart! Thank you so much. Best wishes to your work and have a good day :) "


Student:  Lee Sing Wai, Alex

Programme Studying/Institution: University of South Australia, Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Country: Australia

6.6 Student 6.png

"Hi, I'm Alex. Finally I manage to have time to write a email to say thank you for your help throughout the last few months. You are really helpful and supportive when I have any questions about my study, offers, accommodations, scholarships etc.......

Just want to say I'm doing good here in Adelaide and a lot of appreciation from my bottom of my heart! Thank you so much. Best wishes to your work and have a good day :) "


Student:  Hebe Ng

Programme Studying/Institution: Rosehill Secondary College

Country: Australia

6.6 Student 9.png

"I contacted IDP Education at the end of 2013 for studying in Australia. The consultant gave me a lot of information about studying aboard and also helped me to apply student visa, government school and homestay in Melbourne. In April 2014, I came to Melbourne and went to a high school with about lot of international students. However, I realised that I did not like the school at all and decided to change to another school for VCE program. So I started looking for the schools around the area and found Rosehill Secondary College. The two years in Rosehill Secondary College were my best time of my life so far where I have made a lot of friends, had fun while learning and realised what do I actually like to do which is design. Visual communication design is the subject that I spent most of my time on. When I was doing the folio work, I found myself really interested in designing. In Year 12, I made up a company, Essie, designed and made some products in my project. It was one of my art works that put in Victorian International School Arts Achievement Award. The award is an approval of my art works and also an encouragement for me in doing arts."


UK Students Sharing

Parent: Ms. Wu

Student:  Son, Jason Wu

Programme Studying/Institution: ISC - University of Sussex, Computing

Country: UK

6.6 Student 7.png

"I would like to write this letter to praise the good work of Ms. Helen Ho. I visited IDP recently to find a University in the UK for my son, Jason Wu. After explaining my needs to her, she was very helpful and gave me some good choices of Universities to choose from. Not only did the choices of Universities fit my budget, but it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of the future education path for my son. She also gave me very good pointers on other important factors about attending University in the UK which I found to be very helpful. Helen is not only very informative and helpful, but she is very knowledgeable in her job and showed real professionalism in what she does. IDP is very lucky to have her as part of their team and I will be sure to refer anyone I know to your company if they are looking to further their education overseas."


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