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Universities in New Zealand

3.6.14 The University of Auckland.png

The University of Auckland

Popular Subjects:Engineering Technology, Humanities, Medical and Health Sciences


3.6.14 Auckland University of Technology.png

Auckland University of Technology

Popular Subjects:Engineering, Art and Design, Hospitality, Biomedical Sciences

3.6.14 University of Canterbury.png

University of Canterbury

Popular Subjects:Engineering, Commerce

3.6.14 Lincoln University.png

Lincoln University

Popular Subjects:Environment and Society, Commerce, Agriculture and Life Sciences

3.6.14 Massey University.png

Massey University

Popular Subjects:Commerce, Veterinary Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Aviation

3.6.14 University of Otago.png

University of Otago

Popular Subjects:Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Psychology

3.6.14 University Of Waikato.png

University of Waikato

Popular Subjects:Law, Education, Business Management, Computer Science, Communication

3.6.14 Victoria University of Wellington.png

Victoria University of Wellington

Popular Subjects:Law, Architecture and Design, Biochemistry, Art

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a great destination for international students, offering a world-class educational system.

Education System

The education system in New Zealand is enormously diverse and one of the best in the world, maintaining excellent standards in literacy, mathematics and sciences and ranking well consistently by global standards.


As a pioneer in International education, we are truly global in scale and experience.

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