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UK Advanced Entry/ Top-up Degree

How Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Students obtain an overseas Bachelor’s Degree?
Due to limited places in local universities, Hong Kong students who are unable to enter universities directly will opt for an Associate Degree (AD) or Higher Diploma (HD) and obtain a Bachelor's Degree through Advanced Entry or Top-up Degree.

Most UK universities offer Advanced Entry, which allows AD/HD students to apply for Year 2 or 3 of a 3-year Bachelor's Degree programme with their internal grades. Some universities also offer standalone Top-up Degree courses, open to AD/HD graduates who need to submit 2 years of their internal grades. The Top-up Degree complements the existing post-secondary qualification to a full undergraduate, Bachelor's Degree.

Advanced EntryTop-up Degree
AD/ HD Student Progression Path Year 2 or 3 of a 3-year Bachelor's Degree programme1-year Top-up Degree programme
FeatureMost of your classmates are lower-year students promoted from the same Bacehlor's Degree programme1-year standalone programme (same level as the final year of a Bachelor’s Degree programme). Most of your classmates are students with similar post-secondary qualifications.
DurationAround 1-2 yearsAround 1 year

Advanced Entry Credit Exemption System

The admission standards for advanced entry of different UK universities vary, with a credit exemption system which may shorten the overall course duration. The course duration depends on the similarity of the curriculum of the 2 institutions, that is, the more similar the course structures and content, the shorter the course will be. When applying, students must submit the overall syllabus and content of respective modules of the Associate Degree and Higher Diploma course for the UK university to review.

Application procedures and requirements

Associate Degree and Higher Diploma students who wish to apply for UK universities must go through UCAS, a centralised university application platform similar to JUPAS in Hong Kong. Students have to submit their internal grades on UCAS and the university will issue a Conditional Offer to eligible students. Students whose final GPA meets the university requirement will be admitted. In addition, UK universities generally require IELTS 6.0 to 6.5 for their Bachelor’s Degree Programme. 


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Popular UK universities with Advanced Entry

Institution Name
The Times GUG 2022 The Complete University Guide 2022
University of East Anglia2122
University of Liverpool2930
University of Reading3136
Cardiff University3425
Swansea University3629
University of Leicester3740
University of Essex4027
Coventry University 4652
Nottingham Trent University5345
Oxford Brookes University5651
University of West of England5855
Manchester Metropolitan University6556
Sheffield Hallam University6767
University of Portsmouth7274
Birmingham City University 9082

Why Study Overseas?

  • Obtain a more recognizable qualification from overseas universities
  • Apply for a work visa after graduate to gain working experience
  • Understand and experience different cultures, broaden your horizons and improve your English skills
  • Similar duration as of completing a top-up degree in Hong Kong, reasonable cost

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Upcoming UK Activities

27 November (Sat) "How Hong Kong Associate Degree and Advanced Diploma (AD/HD) graduates enter UK Universities Seminar”

Explain various university entry pathways for AD/HD students. Nottingham Trent University representative will be our special guest to introduce the university and its popular bridging courses.

Why Study in the UK?

Wherever in the world you choose to pursue your career, a degree from a university in the United Kingdom is internationally respected and considered a quality education.

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