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Places to Visit

From the Grand Canyon to New York City


The U.S. has a whole host of tourist destinations ranging from the bright lights of New York City, to the wonders of nature at the Grand Canyon and from the cool landscape of Alaska to the hot sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii. If you are looking for a break from your studies, there is a lot to explore from the major cities, or hitting the road and visiting the glories of nature.

You might want to consider some of these options for your study breaks

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Yellowstone Park was the world’s first national park, established in 1872 in order to preserve the huge number of thermal areas including geysers and hot springs, as well as the wildlife which live in the park. The park is located on top of an enormous hotspot where hot, molten rock rises towards the surface of the planet.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
In northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a significant tourist attraction in the U.S. The canyon has been carved out of the rocks over several million years by the Colorado River. Today, the canyon has a depth of over 1.6 kilometres and is 446 kilometres long.

Niagara Falls, New York
Niagara Falls is between New York State and Ontario Province in Canada, and is a spectacular natural wonder. Niagara Falls consists of three falls – the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshow Falls, and receives over 14 million visitors every year.

New York City, New York
With its famous skyline, busy streets, rich culture of arts and entertainment, historical landmarks New York is dazzling city. You can see a Broadway show, discover the museums, explore the historical neighbourhoods or enjoy the food of the city; New York City has a wealth of attractions for every traveller.

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C
At 169 metres tall and made of white marble, granite and blue gneiss, the Washington Monument is an obelisk which commemorates the very first U.S. president, George Washington.

Florida Keys, Florida
Just off the southern coast of Florida, the Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago. Just offshore is the Florida Reef, the third largest barrier reef system in the world.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
On the southeast coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, this national park has two active volcanoes plus steam vents, craters, calderas and lava tubes. Mauna Loa - the world’s largest volcano - and Kilauea are among the most active volcanos in the world and you’ll catch them both here. Driving through the park at night, you’ll see the red-orange globes of hot lava oozing from the earth.

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