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CÉGEP Heritage College

关于 CÉGEP Heritage College

Cégep Heritage College is the only public, tuition-free, Anglophone CEGEP in Western Quebec. It is one of 48 cégeps (collèges d'enseignement général et professionnel) in the province of Quebec. The college is well known for English college education in Western Quebec for more than 40 years.

Heritage College offers 2-year Pre-University programs that prepare students for further university studies, and 3-year Career programs for immediate entry into the labour force or further university studies. Both types of programs lead to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC). A key feature of these programs is the co-op component, where qualified students have the opportunity to participate in paid summer work terms after completing their first and second year of study. Access to a professional setting provides students with practical real-life work experience, greatly improving their employability. Also, the innovative Centre for Continuing Education offers 1-year programs leading to Attestations of College Studies (AEC), as well as evening and weekend courses.

Cégep Heritage College, a student centered community, promotes academic excellence through a personal and supportive environment that recognizes the importance of continuous learning. The relationship between teachers and students is direct and informal at the college. It is easy to see teachers in their offices. Students are encouraged to consult their teachers as needed.

Recreation plays a large part in student’s life. The College has modern sports and recreational facilities. It is possible to practice various activities for fun or join a sports team for men and women (basketball, rugby or soccer). Student Association at the college provides a voice in student affairs. It promotes and advocates the rights, interests and welfare of all students. The Association also organizes various social and cultural activities for all regular, full-time students registered at the College.

Located in Canada's National Capital region, and beside the scenic Gatineau Park, Heritage College has spacious, modern facilities and landscaped campus grounds. It is just ten minutes away from downtown Ottawa.

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