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Founded in 1927, Glendale Community College (GCC) is a public community college in southern California, with a reputation for delivering high-quality education to students from all over the world.

The college is located in Glendale, Los Angeles county, which offers its residents a mixture of urban and suburban living, surrounded by rolling hills and overlooking the city. It is a short car journey from downtown Los Angeles, and around 30 minutes drive to the beautiful beaches of southern California. The college is located on a hillside of over 100 acres of natural beauty with many opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and horse riding nearby.

GCC is known for offering fully accredited two-year university transfer courses, in which enrolled students complete the first two years of undergraduate study, before transferring to a competitive four-year university for the remainder of their bachelor's degree. All courses are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and GCC has one of the best transfer rates in the county for entry to both California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC), which collectively offer over 30 different campus locations within the Golden State.

Transfer students may choose either the Associate in Arts, or Associate in Science degrees, and completion of either course guarantees admission to one of California's state universities as a junior year student. Students benefit from priority admission to their local CSU or UC campus, or to a program similar to their GCC major.
Glendale fosters a dynamic and diverse learning community, with a population of around 15,000 students including a lively community of around 500 international students, representing over 50 countries worldwide. Participation on the GCC International Student Program includes a flexible admission policy, and enrolment offering full support services, as well as academic guidance and immigration advisors.

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What's new

What's new

Glendale has responded swiftly to the coronavirus pandemic and has risen to the task of continuing to deliver effective and personalized education, while prioritizing the safety and security of its students and staff.

The college has built a comprehensive online information portal which provides detailed information about many aspects of coronavirus itself, as well as important news updates and advice for studying safely in the current academic year.

GCC has moved to an entirely digital campus model for the remainder of 2021. Courses are delivered through the college's online learning portal, where students can submit work digitally, and tutors can remotely deliver study resources and course material in addition to providing feedback on assignments and coursework. Individual tutorials can be arranged through this system, and students can communicate via the online platform, engaging with their peers, and fostering a supportive and social learning community.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

GCC has built its reputation for excellence with an almost one-hundred year heritage of providing quality education to students from all over the world. There is a growing community of international students among its ranks, and the recent transition to an online learning model means that the college's world-class teaching resources are now more accessible than ever.

The college relies on the expertise and experience of its teaching staff, who are highly qualified and widely experienced within their fields. All faculty staff hold a minimum of a master's degree and many have taught and worked overseas and can communicate their insights and experiences to students from all international backgrounds.

The college has a staff to student ratio of around 25:1, which ensures a good level of contact time with tutors, and a more personalized mentorship schedule than many other community college programs in the state.

Since the establishment of its two-year university transfer pathways, GCC has successfully guided thousands of students on to realize their dream of enrolment at CSU and UC and other competitive higher education institutions. The course structure teaches time management strategies and problem-solving skills within a flexible learning model, which prepares its international graduates for undertaking a bachelor's degree at an American university.

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Department structure

Department structure

GCC offers alternative routes into degree level study at CSU, UC and other top institutions within the United States.

The college offers two main programs for university transfer students the degree of Associate of Arts, or Associate of Science. These courses are composed of 60 credits each, and allow students to choose a combination of modules which will provide the fundamental knowledge to choose from a huge selection of specialized degree majors to pursue at their future university.

Completion of either program guarantees entry into one of the many University of California or California State University campuses scattered across the state, with GCC students enjoying priority on relevant course options, or transfer to a local campus.

Language training is provided for incoming students where required, and popular majors include Arts and Animation Design, Business Administration, Communications, Computer Science and Information Systems, Music, Nursing, Theatre, TV Production and Visual Arts.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

GCC encourages applications from students from all academic and international backgrounds. There are many acceptable routes to entry, and submissions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Admission onto the university transfer courses generally require the following deliverables:

Applicants must submit a copy of an original high school transcript or Diploma of completion with an average passing grade of C or higher. This translates as 2.0 GPA if transferring from within the United States. There are a large number of alternative assessment systems depending on country of origin, and students must demonstrate the equivalence of their grade.

Additionally, prospective students must submit a one-page personal statement or essay, explaining their aspiration of studying at Glendale, and a little information about themselves.

There is also a requirement for English language proficiency, set at a minimum score of 45 on the TOEFL test, or and IELTS minimum band score of 4.5.

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The college is a self-contained learning environment and provides everything its students need for sustained academic success and personal development, all located within a safe and secure location at the hillside Glendale campus. Students benefit from access to the most modernized facilities including state-of-the-art computer laboratories, individual and group study spaces and a fully-equipped library with thousands of books, journals and digital resources. The campus has free and fast Wi-Fi throughout, as well as a selection of coffee shops and cafes to ensure students are refreshed and refueled throughout the day.

There is a fantastic student bookstore, language center, and a music lab which students can use for practicing new interests. The open campus design offers wonderful views over Los Angeles and plenty of spaces for socializing and recreation.

Remote learners who do not attend campus classes, are able to use GCC's bespoke online learning hub, with 24 hour access to reading materials, course resources and digital forums where they can communicate with their classmates and lecturers, as well as the expanded international college community.

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Fees & funding

Fees & funding

GCC believes that higher education should be accessible to students from all economic backgrounds and works hard to keep tuition fees competitive. Tuition fees for international students with non-resident status are set at USD 7,575 per academic year, and it is recommended that students should budget around USD 13,000 for yearly living expenses, including rental accommodation off campus.

The college also understands that the cost of undertaking a course of study while moving to a new city can be a significant consideration when applying to college, and offers a wide range of scholarships and bursary options to support its students during their time at college.

There are over 500 scholarship options, awarded on both merit-based and needs-based criteria. Prospective students are encouraged to check their eligibility and familiarize themselves with any key deadlines before applying. Applications are submitted online.

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