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Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

United States


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) is a respected global leader in healthcare education since 1823, fully committed to helping international students channel their talents and passions into rewarding healthcare careers, both in the United States and throughout the world.

In 2018, the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education ranked MCPHS as the number one school in the U.S. for, “elevating their graduates to higher incomes than they might otherwise earn”. The college is ranked number one for the highest graduate salaries in its region*. This is a testament to successful careers of MCPHS graduates.

For 2018–19, Money Magazine named MCPHS the number one most transformative college in the United States*, citing key variables such as graduation rates and income as they relate to enhancing student lives.

MCPHS brings international students into the world of American healthcare through a supportive and experienced method which has been proven successful by the remarkable alumni around the globe. Close to 1000 International students make up over 13 of the student body, creating a dynamic, enriching and diverse community.

MCPHS is located in the center of the prestigious Longwood Medical Area which houses world-famous hospitals, research centers and pharmaceutical companies, offering MCPHS International students invaluable industry opportunities.

During their studies, international students have access to a support system designed specifically for them, which offers services from immigration advice to academic mentoring to English Language support.

* United States Department of Education, 2018 College Scorecard
* MONEY Magazine, ©2018 Time Inc.
* Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings 2018
*2018 U.S. Institute for International Education Open Doors® Report

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What's new

What's new

MCPHS has designed four programs for students whose academic and professional experiences took place outside the U.S.:

Early Start Program

Students will find that the U.S. healthcare system, education and cultural environment might vary from what they are accustomed to. The Early Start Program is designed for Freshmen and Transfer students to address this. It trains students to develop academic skills and strategies, time management and organization, cross-cultural interaction in order to build relationships and to build social support networks.

Graduate Studies Program

In the United States, Pharmacy studies include Liberal Arts whereas in most countries outside North America, undergraduate Pharmacy programs do not. Students from these undergraduate programs find themselves missing a large number, if not all of the Liberal Arts required for entry into the Doctorate of Pharmacy. This program allows students to satisfy the liberal arts subject requirements in a condensed ten-week summer session, while introducing them to American healthcare, to facilitate entry into the Doctorate of Pharmacy degree.

Accelerated Pharmacy Program

Students interested in the Accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy degree, but missing many pre-requisites, have the opportunity of coming to Boston for one year to fulfil their required coursework while they strengthen their scientific and language skills, meet faculty from the Doctoral program, receive assistance in the application process, and participate in communication coaching for their admission interview, academic skills and receiving mentoring.

Academic Bridge Program

Freshmen who are academically admissible for degree programs, but without the necessary English proficiency can begin their degree curriculum through the Academic Bridge. The Academic Bridge Program provides students with a full-time, structured transition to university curriculum by allowing them to start their degree right away and while strengthening their English proficiency.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality


With experienced and highly qualified faculty, students are instructed using a supportive and experienced method that facilitates their orientation into the American healthcare system.

Students benefit from the expertise of 826 faculty members at MCPHS, meaning that there’s a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio. 90 percent of full-time faculty members have terminal degrees, and many have studied or worked in healthcare environments all over the globe.

Instructors are fellows of national academies, editors of medical journals, presidents of national professional associations, business leaders, and members of federally funded research projects. Most faculty maintain professional activities or clinical appointments as they teach, allowing students to benefit from their real-world industry advice and networks.

MCPHS is known for its innovative Interprofessional Education and a history of producing some of America’s most-used healthcare education textbooks.

Experiential Training

Before entering the clinical or industry environment, students find themselves in real-world, clinical situations several days a week at MCPHS. Five on-campus clinics and centers see over 250,000 patients each year and give students the experience they need to become excellent healthcare providers.

Many academic programs at MCPHS give students the opportunity to conduct required clinical rotations or clerkships abroad through affiliations with 11 international rotation sites, including Peking University, Seoul National University, University of the Western Cape (South Africa).

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MCPHS Advantage Scholarship

MCPHS will provide any student who successfully completes any full-time MCPHS degree with a 100 percent tuition scholarship toward one of the following six part-time, online master’s programs, after their graduation:

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy
  • Master of Health Sciences
  • Master of Science in Clinical Research
  • Master of Science in Clinical Management

This innovative scholarship was created to invest in the continued professionalization of MCPHS’s students as they enter the job market. It helps prepare students holistically and deepen their knowledge-base, shaping them to continue the successful lineage of MCPHS graduates in a variety of healthcare professions.

Students are advised to check the availability and eligibility requirements.

International student scholarships

MCPHS offers special recognition scholarships to freshman international students. These scholarships are based on merit (grades, application file, and profile) and not on financial need. Scholarships for international students range from USD 2,000 to USD 16,000 per year and are renewable if a student maintains a specific academic performance.

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Student Life and Housing

Student Life and Housing

Location and student life

The university is spread across campuses in Boston, Worcester and Manchester. These are three excellent locations that offer students access to New England’s premier healthcare institutions.

The MCPHS Boston campus, the largest, is a modern urban campus located in the heart of Boston and its world-renowned Longwood Medical and Academic Area. While it is the oldest institution of higher education in Boston, the campus is the very definition of innovative and state-of-the-art.

As well as world-class facilities, each campus has a diverse community with students that represent a wealth of different cultures, religions, perspectives and passions.

Colleges of the Fenway

MCPHS is a small private university with a professional, team-like feel, like the five neighbouring colleges which make up the Colleges of the Fenway (COF). This group of colleges make up one large, diverse and comprehensive campus of over 12,000 students and over 2300 courses. If a course is not available at MCPHS, it probably is available within the COF and can be included in MCPHS tuition. The COF organizes Clubs and Organizations, Intramural Sports, Parties, festivals, Movies, Carnivals, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Theater and Dance Project, Chorus and hundreds of other activities for COF students throughout the year.


Students can live in apartment-style suites, high above academic spaces and state-of-the-art labs, or join the vibrant community at the Treehouse and share living and dining spaces with art and engineering students from neighbors at the Colleges of the Fenway. Whatever residential housing option students choose, university-sponsored housing is guaranteed to all incoming freshmen and first year transfer students who enrol within semester deadlines, which means their home away from home is already waiting for them.

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Student support

Student support

The First Days

When MCPHS international students first arrive in the US, they are offered a meet and greet service at the airport with free chaperoned transportation to the Boston campus. They are invited to arrive at the university before all other students for an additional orientation called the International Resources Days during which students learn about U.S. academic requirements, classroom culture, U.S. immigration status, options for jobs and internships on a visa, etc.

International Academic Advising

The International Academic Advising Office provides personalized services specific to international students, including setting academic and career goals, explaining academic policies and procedures, and adjusting academic schedules to meet individual needs.

Immigration Support Services

The Immigration & International Support Services team provides immigration advising and assistance to International Students, both before and after their arrival in the U.S. They assist International Students in obtaining and maintaining proper legal Immigration Status while attending MCPHS University as well as during their search for internships, employment and Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the U.S. Specific OPT workshops and individual OPT application assistance is a unique way of making sure International Students get the support they need during this important stage in their careers.

Career Development

As a result of International students needing to navigate visa and immigration restrictions during their search for professional training, experience and job search, the Center for Professional and Career Development has a staff member dedicated solely to international students. This specialist will be able to discuss each student’s goals and individual situation and help them become the most professional and competitive candidate they can be, in order to reach their professional goals.

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Graduate Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes

Accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, MCPHS is a global leader in developing students into successful professionals in the healthcare industry. The college has been established for close to 200 years and over the course of its lengthy history has graduated more pharmacists than any other school.

It was ranked as the top university for earning power by the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings in 2018, and as the most transformative college in 2018–19 by Money Magazine.

MCPHS’s graduates earn a median annual income of USD 116,000 ten years after enroling. The university has been ranked for four consecutive years as first in New England and third in the US for median salary.

After graduating from MCPHS, International students have gone on to full-time work positions, Optional Practical Training, graduate programs, medical school, or a Masters with 100% tuition scholarship offered by MCPHS to all of its graduates.

Career development

During their time at MCPHS, students can take advantage of the Center for Professional Career Development. There are a wide range of resources and support services on offer to undergraduates, graduate students and alumni of the university, to help them progress to their next career step of their career. Services provided include one-to-one coaching sessions and job search guidance.

Graduates of MCPHS join a global alumni network of over 27,000 members, which students can utilise during and after their studies.

THOMAS LACAPRUCIA | Lacaprucia is a pre-med student in the Medical and Molecular Biology program at MCPHS, “One of my professors divides her time between MCPHS and research work at Harvard Medical School. She offered to show me what a real research lab was like and arranged for me to meet with other members of her lab to talk about their experiences and why they were doing research. That led to an offer to come to the lab as an intern, and from there it really took off.”

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Boston Massachusetts 179 Longwood Avenue
Worcester Massachusetts 19 Foster Street
Manchester New Hampshire 1260 Elm Street
Founded in 1823, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a healthcare-focused university with a full spectrum of healthcare programs. It consists of ten academic schools and two division supporting programs whose enrolment is undergraduate, first professional and graduate students.

MCPHS prepares students for successful careers in healthcare through excellence in teaching, scholarship, research, professional service and community engagement. The college has a vibrant international student community of international students from different countries around the world. At the college, the students can participate in various clubs and organizations, intramural sports, campus cultural events and the many things offered by the college.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a campus in constant motion, from the energy that fills the classes and labs to students socializing in the many common spaces to the hum of city life right outside the front doors. The modern urban campus is located in the heart of Boston and its world-renowned Longwood Medical and Academic Area. And while it is the oldest institution of higher education in Boston, the campus is the very definition of innovative and state-of-the-art.
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