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NSW Department of Education and Communities

關於 NSW Department of Education and Communities

DE International is part of the NSW Department of Education (DE) and manages the following international programs-The international student program in NSW Government Schools for students who intend to complete high school or enrol in primary school, the study abroad program for international students who wish to study for a term to a year of high school.

NSW Government Schools are recognised for their excellent quality education programs, and it offers a secure pathway to a career or to further higher education study. NSW Government Schools offer international students’ academic excellence in a safe, welcoming environment. Experienced, university-trained teachers help students to achieve their best results. Qualifications from NSW Government Schools are internationally recognised. NSW Government Schools offer English language courses at government-owned and operated Intensive English Centres across New South Wales. The NSW Government Schools system is the largest education network in Australia. Each school offers a secure, safe and dynamic learning environment. Your child will have a rich and rewarding learning experience. There are over 2,000 primary and secondary high schools in NSW. International students can choose from over 150 of these schools in Sydney and regional locations. Students who want to study in Australia for two or more years and complete the Higher School Certificate (HSC) may choose from a range of schools and locations.

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Various NSW High Schools
地址:827-837 George Street, Ultimo, New South Wales, 2000 Australia

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