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5 ways to build a robust network while studying online

Your guide to online networking for a promising career

As an international student, irrespective of the fact whether you are studying online or on campus, networking will be an important aspect of your student experience. Networking helps you connect with people from your own industry, with those who share similar interest, skills, connections and experiences. If you are able to build a good professional network early in your career, it can come in handy when you are out looking for jobs. 

While networking in person may seem limited in the current scenario, there is nothing to worry. You can still use your skills and connect with people digitally all over the globe. 

Student Networking Tips While Studying Abroad

Tips for effectively networking while studying online 

It’s okay if you face some hesitation networking with your peer group and faculty during the current trend of online studies. Use these easy networking tips and make your way towards a successful career: 

1. Sign up for virtual events

To connect easily with new people, enrol yourself for online workshops, seminars and town hall meetings. You can also try to find research volunteer opportunities in your university or community to gain work experience and make new connections. 

2. Establish your professional network online

To initially start building your network, introduce yourself to your classmates and faculty through an e-mail or social media. You can use free video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet or Skype to facilitate meetings and real-time conversations. 

You can also get connected with your university’s alumni through social media platforms and learn from their experience. They might be able to help you get started in your career as well. 

3. Build your online presence 

To create your online presence, create a profile on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. This will help you become visible to the professional world and gives a great opportunity to connect with potential employers. 

Making an online portfolio highlighting your expertise, experience and talent is a good idea. You can share this on your networking platforms online to present your work. 

4. Join relevant online communities

There are many paid and free online communities like Reddit forums and GitHub that help keep updated about the latest updates in your industry and connect you with like-minded people. Use these to make connections in the subject of your interest. 

5. Participate in online classrooms forums 

Most institutions that offer online classes also run chat rooms or web communities for various assignments or projects. Take the advantage of the same and interact with your peers. Offer your insights and initiate discussions. This will help you create your voice and personality among your classmates. Remember, if an assignment calls for a group discussion, be smart about how to put your thoughts on the table. The intention should be to get noticed, not outsmart others. 

These tips may look super simple, but trust us, if you follow these religiously, you will have a robust professional network before you even graduate. 

Updated on November 20, 2020

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