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Make the most out of your virtual internship

Tips to get the best out of your remote internship experience

Virtual internships or remote internships are a great way to get some hands-on training online while staying at home. You can easily manage with your class schedules and gain valuable work experience besides industry knowledge and insights. Given these are great opportunities that can add an extra edge to your profile, it’s important you make the best out of your internship. Read on to know how.  

Virtual Internship

Useful tips to make the most out of your virtual internship

Besides giving you hands-on training in a particular field, virtual internships can be a great way to build your network. You can learn from your colleagues, understand global ways of work and also develop skills that can come in handy when you set out job-hunting. Here are some ways that can help you make the most out of your virtual internship: 

  • Work like a professional: Set up a workspace at home, dress formally and maintain professional setting while communicating on video calls. This will help you stay motivated besides showing your commitment to the employer towards the job 

  • Communicate effectively: It’s best to ask your supervisor about their preferred mode of communication. If face-to-face is favoured, schedule video chats. If they choose to email, send weekly updates of your progress

  • Learn time management skills: Limit distractions and take your work hours seriously. This will help you complete your tasks in time 

  • Don’t extend beyond your capabilities: Strike a balance between personal and professional life. Communicate with your supervisor if you have too much on your plate

  • Don’t skip deadlines: Keep a track of your assignments and try to submit your work in a timely fashion. Draft a work plan with your supervisor to enlist priorities 

  • Record your achievements: This will help you to refer back when you want to update your resume and LinkedIn profile for your next role or internship

  • Learn from colleagues: Communicating with other experienced colleagues can help learn more about different career paths, imbibe new skills and get advice from their experience 

Virtual internships can help you gain valuable experience while you stay comfy at home. Be pro-active, stay positive and make the most of the opportunity you have. You never know, your employer may even hand you a pre-placement offer if you perform well. So, all the best!

Updated on September 23, 2020

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