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Virtual internships – everything you need to know

Pursue your internship remotely, from the comfort of your home

Internships play a vital role in your career as employers will always prefer an applicant with some knowledge of the industry. While in the given scenario, you can’t go out and work in an organisation, virtual internships can be a great saviour as they allow you to participate in a remote internship from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a prospective, a current university student or a recent graduate, virtual internships can help enhance your skills and move up the ladder in the chosen field. 

What is a virtual internship?

A virtual internship is a work experience placement that you can pursue from the comfort of your home. During the internship period, you will communicate with the employer virtually using digital resources such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and webinars. Basically, you’ll meet the supervisor virtually to discuss the projects and its progress. In most virtual internships, you also get a dedicated time slot for online coffee breaks or catch-ups with colleagues.

What are the benefits of a virtual internship? 

A successful virtual internship is impactful, well-structured, and relevant. It ensures that both – employer and you, benefit from the arrangement. It involves an extensive induction training with timely check-ins and feedback sessions with the supervisor. Sometimes, you are provided with a dedicated buddy/mentor to guide you with skill-building workshops to help enhance your knowledge and productivity. 

Online virtual internship

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the duration of these internships?


Generally, virtual internships consist of approx. 120 hours of training. The projects set by host companies are built keeping in mind the minimum standards i.e., for four, eight or twelve weeks long with 20 to 30 hours work per week.


Which industries offer these internships?


Virtual Internships are offered by both entrepreneurial start-ups and as well as established brands. You can find these internship opportunities across industries such as green technology, software engineering, fashion and sports management as well.


Will I be paid during the internship period?


This depends upon your employer. Many larger firms are known to pay students for their time, while some only bear the expenses of software, tools and other resources required for you to work smoothly. Either way, you’ll be able to gain a unique experience that can help you jumpstart your career.


Where can I find available virtual internships?


You can get in touch with your institution’s placement department or look at a potential company’s website. In cases where virtual internship programs aren’t listed on the company’s website, look at specific internships websites like InsideSherpa,, LinkedIn and other portals for ample opportunities.


How to apply for these internships?


The application process is quite simple. First, you’ll need to submit your resume, cover letter and some supporting materials, if required (such as writing samples) to the prospective employer. If selected, you’ll be interviewed over a telecon.


Does this internship lead to full-time employment at the company?


It depends on your relationship with the employer during your virtual internship and the success of your assignment. If you do well, your employer may offer you a pre-placement offer. This also increases chances to be absorbed as a full-time employee after graduation.


Updated on September 23, 2020

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