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How to make the most out of your online studies

Here are some study tips to make online classes a success

With online education becoming the new normal, it can be slightly challenging for first-time learners or students who are accustomed to traditional instructor-led face-to-face classes. To help you enjoy your online studies to the best and be able to make the most out of it, here are some easy tips.  

1. Have your own dedicated space

Staying organised is important. Designate a dedicated learning spot so you can avoid distractions and establish a routine. 

Tips for online classes


2. Draft your study plan

It works if you make an initial study calendar for next few months enlisting all the major deadlines and exams to track your activities. It also helps avoid any rush or confusion due to last-minutes realisations. Keep regularly updating this plan so you can maintain a healthy balance between studying, assignments and other chores.

3. Manage your time

Learn time management skills to stay organised and consider e-learning as a regular face-to-face lecture at a weekly scheduled time. Also, stick to the time blocks you’ve set and be vocal about your busy hours to your friends and family. Keep in mind that online courses are flexible in terms of time and place, but it doesn’t ask you to ignore your routine. 

4. Organise your online resources

Map out the software, websites, and campus resources that you might need to master the course on an initial level. Ensure that your computer is updated with the latest software and browsers; and if the course requires special tools, test them on your system beforehand. Uninterrupted access to technology will help you focus on course materials and lectures better. 

Tip: Get access to your university’s digital library, if there is any. It will help move ahead with your online studies.

5. Interact with your peers and faculty

Regular interactions with your peer group and faculty is important to make your online study experience rich and engaging. Try to participate in an early-on icebreaker activity included in most online programs to know your classmates before classes commence. In case such activity isn’t included in the program, then try to introduce yourself to peers during class discussions or study teams whenever you get a chance. Keep in mind these are the folks you’ll work with throughout the program.

6. Switch between subjects

When studying by self, keep switching between different subjects to keep motivated. It can get a little monotonous if you study a singular subject for a prolong time period. For example, if you have three subjects, spend one hour on each during the day, or plan on alternate days. Key is to keep excited.

7. Seek help when needed

Understanding that you may face some challenges while studying online, the faculty of all institutions is available to address your queries as promptly as possible. Never hesitate to reach out to them if you get stuck anywhere. 

Hope these tips help you focus better and enjoy your online study experience to the best!  

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