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Information for all IDP students

As you will be aware, governments around the world have introduced health and safety measures and travel restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

We understand this may be confusing if you are commencing your studies, so we have shared below advice to help protect your health and wellbeing.

Looking after your health

The most important thing for you is to look after is your health.

If you have travelled from Hubei province or have had close contact with someone from Hubei lately and have a cough, fever or illness, please see a doctor before you travel. If you have already arrived in your new destination, please seek medical advice from your local doctor as early as possible. Your institution will be able to connect you to a medical professional. IDP can assist with this as well.

More information on protecting yourself from Coronavirus is here:

Arriving in your new destination

Governments are regularly updating information about Coronavirus.

For students travelling to Australia, please check information on cancelled flights, and what to do when you arrive in your new country at:

Please check these web pages for current advice and information that may assist you:

Travel restrictions impacting your start date

If you are concerned that travel restrictions may impact the starting date of your studies, please contact your IDP counsellor. We are here to help you coordinate start dates with your university.

Our team are here to support you, so if you have any queries, please contact your local IDP office.

Changes to IELTS testing

There are currently changes being made to IELTS testing. Please check the following link for updates:


I have 2 years work experience. Can I apply for a masters in Australia?
by Sajeet
Yes, you are eligible to apply as long as you meet the minimum requirements for the course and university.
Can I apply to Australian universities without IELTS?
by tapashya
No, IELTS is a mandatory requirement for non-English speaking countries.
Can I apply for a scholarship with an IELTS score of 6.5?
by Varsha
Scholarships are based on the overall profile of the student, and also depends on the course and the university requirements.

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