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Latest Study Abroad Updates (COVID19)

IDP will always be there to help your realise your dreams. We are in this together.

We understand these are trying times and so we’re making all efforts to make sure you keep updated with all the latest information about your favourite study destinations.

Australia / Canada / New Zealand / UK / USA


  1. International students could be allowed back into Australia as early as July with the federal government confirming it will consider an exemption to the travel ban.
  2. The prime minister has released a three-stage "road map" to guide Australia out of coronavirus shutdowns. Issues of international students, comes into the third step of the plan.
  3. There has been a steady and so far sustained decline in COVID-19 cases following a peak in cases at the end of March.
  4. Australian universities processing applications for July 2020 and future intakes. (As on May 10)
  5. International students have to obey travel and visa bans during the lockdown period. Students can apply for visa once travel bans are lifted (As on May 10)
  6. In next 9 months, there will be 3 Intakes available in Australia, i.e. July 20, Nov 20 (in select universities/institutions) and Feb 21
  7. Be prepared and enroll on time, commence your classed online and once travel bans are lifted, you can travel to Australia to resume your course physically on campus.
  8. The campuses are expected to open soon but for international students, classes will be conducted online considering travel and visa bans. (As on May 10)
  9. 8 stage process to be followed for admission into an Australian university; first 4 stages are available to be complied to remotely. (As on May 10)
  10. Schools, beaches, parks, malls and offices are slowing opening up in Australia. (As on May 10)
  11. Australian institutions have established independent emergency monetary funds, hardship allowances to help international students. Till date they have committed over AUD $110 million to assist students.
  12. State agencies and Govt. coming up with student financial grants and packages as well.
  13. International students who’ve been in Australia for more than 12 months will be able to access their Australian superannuation. (As on Apr 22)
  14. The Australian Govt. will increase flexibility for a number of regulations to make it easier for international students to continue their studies. (As on Apr 22)
  15. Flexibility in cases where COVID-19 has prevented international students from meeting the visa conditions. (As on Apr 22)
  16. International students working in aged case and as nurses have had their hours extended to support these critical sectors. (As on Apr 22)

Important updates on Australia by experts

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May 20, Facebook live for important updates


5 Important updates on Australia for students:
Live session by Ms Pratibha Sen, Associate Director – Australia (South Asia)


Study in Australia - Latest Updates:
Live session by Mr Rohit Sharma Senior Manager – Australia


Latest updates about Studying in Australia:
Live session by our destination expert, Ms Disha Bisht, Senior Manager- Australia


Important Updates for Australia-bound Students:
Live session by our expert Ms Pratibha Sen, Associate Director – Australia (South Asia)



  1. Canadian government has imposed travel restrictions on people who are not from the Canadian origin and will continue till June 30. (As on Mar 25)
  2. People who can travel are the ones who’ve received their visas on or before Mar 18. (As on Mar 25)
  3. For the cancelled may intake, there is an option to defer the May intake to the next available intake. (As on Apr 21)
  4. Applications for September intake are open for Colleges and Universities. (As on Apr 21)
  5. All Canadian institutions working virtually to support international students and issuing conditional / unconditional admission letters to eligible students. (As on Apr 21)
  6. If any student is unable to make fee payment due to lockdown, Institutions are being flexible and offering an extension for fee payment. (As on Apr 21)
  7. Some institutions are offering May intake as a virtual intake through online classes. (As on Apr 21)
  8. IRCC – students who opt for online classes for SEM 1 (starting in May or June) will be eligible for PSW as before. (As on Apr 21)
  9. Most universities have extended application deadlines. (As on Apr 21)
  10. Most Institutions are accepting conditional applications – basis without IELTS scores or final semester’s mark sheet. Conditional offers are being issued as of now. (As on Apr 21)
  11. Many colleges are also providing application fee waiver. (As on Apr 21)
  12. Canadian High Commission accepting and processing online visa applications with a timeline of 60-90 days’ timeline for biometric. (As on Apr 21)
  13. Applications are also open for January 2021 intake. (As on Apr 21)

Important updates on Canada by experts

Upcoming sessions

May 13, Facebook live for important updates


Important Updates for Canada-bound students:
Live session by our Destination Expert, Ms Seema Sethi, Senior Manager - Canada


Explore study opportunities at Canadian Institutions:
Live session by our Destination Expert, Ms Seema Sethi, Senior Manager - Canada


Important updates for Canada-bound students:
Live session by our expert Mr Rahul Kumar, Associate Director - Canada (South Asia)


New Zealand

  1. Many institutions waiving off LOR and English proficiency test scores for issuing conditional offer letters. But many institutions and universities have started accepting IELTS Indicators and other online proficiency test for issuing unconditional offer letter. (As on Apr 3)
  2. Immigration NZ issued a notice for the period April 2- June 25 – all temporary class visas to be extended where holders are still in New Zealand. (As on Apr 3)
  3. Visa holders with visa renewal date between April 2- July 9 have an extension till Sep 25, 2020. (As on Apr 3)
  4. If a student has opted to defer their intake till later 2020 or start of 2021 then your counsellor should intimate Immigration NZ as your file will be updated with the latest info. (As on Apr 3)
  5. Most institutions in New Zealand are offering online classes and zoom calls with schedule at par with the semester schedule. (As on Apr 3)
  6. Students can begin semesters online if stuck in travel bans and apply for visas when the ban is lifted. (As on Apr 3)
  7. If students do not opt for online sessions, universities will issue a deferred offer letter. (As on Apr 3)

Important updates on New Zealand by experts

Upcoming sessions

May 22, Facebook live for important updates


Essential updates for New Zealand-bound students:
Live session by our Destination Expert, Ms Tania Arora, Manager -New Zealand)



  1. Students stuck in the UK on expired visas will be regarded as an overstayers and their visas will be extended till 31st May 2020. (As on Apr 3)
  2. Those who need to return to their home country for different category of visa will now be allowed to apply from the UK to switch including those whose leave has been extended. (As on Apr 3)
  3. Tier 4 students are now allowed to take distant learning courses, this will be treated as an exception. (As on Apr 3)

Important updates on the U.K. by experts

Upcoming sessions

May 25, Facebook live for important updates


Essential updates for the UK- bound students:
Live session by our Destination Expert, Mr Anurag Srivastava, Senior Manager-UK



  1. Most US universities have extended their application submission deadlines for Fall 2020 intake and some universities have waived off LOR. (As on Apr 16)
  2. For UG, many institutions have waived off SAT and ACT requirements; and for masters, GRE and GMAT have been waived off for Fall 2020 intake. (As on Apr 16)
  3. Most US universities are also accepting online English test scores. Students can check with their respective universities for their options.  (As on Apr 16)
  4. If a student has an offer for Fall 2020 intake, they can apply for an I-20 form and prepare documents for visa process. Most of the universities are sending I-20 online. (As on Apr 16)
  5. Students have the option to defer their Fall 2020 intake to Spring or Fall 2021 intake after discussion with their counsellor or university. (As on Apr 16)
  6. Many institutions are giving discounts on tuition fees if the students opt for online classes. (As on Apr 16)
  7. Post-study work opportunities valid for 12 months after graduation, for STEM graduates, it is 2 years more, so total the student under STEM course could work for 36 months. OPT applications will not be affected if a student takes a semester online. (As on Apr 16)
  8. CPT is applicable even if students take online courses depending upon institutions they enroll in. (As on Apr 16)

Important updates on the U.S. by experts

Upcoming sessions

May 18, Facebook live for important updates


Know about your study abroad journey to the USA: COVID -19 Updates:
Live session by our Destination Expert, Ms Yukti Jaiswal, Senior Manager – USA


Important updates for US-bound Students: What to know next!
Live session by our expert Ms Dharma P. Naik, Associate Director – USA (South Asia)

Uncertain times need extraordinary measures. We want you to know that IDP is still working with the same enthusiasm to help you achieve your goals. To make this happen, we’ve taken several initiatives to ensure you keep driven to achieve your goals!

Student placement

Virtual counselling
To ensure you stay safe at your home, we’ve moved our face-to-face counselling sessions online. So, if you were in a middle of an application process or wanted to reach out to IDP for guidance, you can still do that. As always, all our counselling sessions are free and we are committed to ensuring that you have access to the right information, support and care. Schedule my virtual counselling session

Virtual fairs
Our virtual fairs are just like any other IDP education events at a physical venue, but are held online so you can access them easily using your mobile phones, desktops or laptops. These events offer free online pre-counselling with our international education experts, one-on-one interaction with representatives of top institutions and an opportunity to apply on-the-spot to your desired institution. You can also discuss your scholarship and internship options, get all your study abroad queries answered and avail application fee waivers too. Show me all virtual events 

Social media live sessions
Our study abroad and destination experts hold live sessions frequently on Instagram and Facebook to address your queries. They touch upon the latest international education updates in destinations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and the US; besides resting your concerns. These sessions are very insightful and helpful to understand the current international education scenario in the world for better plan of action.

Institution sessions
Similar to our experts talking in a live session, we also have been conducting various sessions by the representatives of various institutions. These representatives talk about the changes being made in the current scenario as well as how teaching methodologies are being adapted to provide the same experience as being physically present in the institution.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

While you are home, we wanted to ensure that your IELTS test preparation is not affected, and hence, we came up with a bunch of resources to help you ace your test. So make use of these free resources to get a higher band in your IELTS test.

Inside IELTS: Free online course for IELTS Academic
This course helps you explore the skills you need for IELTS Academic and understand how are these assessed. It will also help identify your strengths and needs in relation to the test besides assessing your specific abilities in order to find ways to improve. Enrol me now

Free practice tests
While at home, you can practice mock tests to experience how questions in a real test would be like. Listening Tests | Academic Writing and Reading Tests | General Training Reading and Writing Tests

30-day free prep course
This is a free course for those registered and covers all four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. This program helps you prepare for the entire test or you can simply focus on your weakest IELTS skill. Know more

Familiarisation Tests
It always better to go well-prepared. Familiarise yourself with the test format so you know what to expect on the test day. Take the familiarisation test

Videos from experts and top scorers
Our YouTube channel is full of videos by experts on tips to improve your IELTS score. You can also listen to experiences of other test takers and know what helped them score a high band. Watch now

Latest updates on social media
From latest information on what’s new in IELTS to tips and strategies by experts, our social channels are thriving with important updates. Follow us to keep ahead of your peers.

Hope these will help you use your time more effectively and be ahead of the competition once these testing times are over. If you need any help, we’re always a call away!



Will I be eligible for application fee waivers?
by Kannan
Most universities do not charge an application fee. Only few of the UK universities charge a small application fee.
Can I apply for a scholarship with an IELTS score of 6.5?
by Varsha
Scholarships are based on the overall profile of the student, and also depends on the course and the university requirements.
How many hours can I work while studying in Australia?
by Sachin
On a Student Visa you can work up to 20 hours per week while studying.

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