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IDP Expert Insights

Articles especially written by our international education experts

Having years of experience in the stream of international education, we have a strong team of experts who are more than willing to guide students like you towards their dream. Read up some specially curated insightful articles by our experts to understand studying abroad from a whole new perspective.

Let’s make your journey easier.

What drives students to choose a destination to study abroad?

Every student has their own reason and aspiration to study abroad, and it can be anything – from academics, career prospects, employment, exposure to quality of life. Read up to know the real motivation.

What is accreditation and how does it impact you?

Accreditation pushes institutions to meet and maintain their high standards, in turn increasing trust and confidence in them among the public and boosting accountability. Make sure you check your institution’s accreditation before applying.

An Indian student’s guide to studying in Australia

Our expert talks about why Australia is a hot destination for Indian students to pursue higher studies. Read up on the opportunities and expenses involved.

Ireland – Academic, affordable, adventurous

There is so much more to Ireland than a postcard image. Our expert details out this beautiful land of wonder that is full of career prospects and wonderful opportunities.
Why choose Canada?
7 reasons to choose Canada
Things to check in student visa
5 things an immigration officer checks in your student visa
Colleges vs Universities
Colleges vs. Universities – which is a better fit for you?
Pursuing Data Science abroad
Know why is it the hottest career right now
Financing your studies in the US
Explore various ways to fund your education
Dual degrees in Australia
Earn two degrees instead of one during the same academic year. Add an unbeatable advantage to your CV.
Reasons to attend International Education event
International education events are one of the best places to get your study abroad journey started. know more!
Types of offer letters
Understand the difference between conditional and unconditional offer letters.
Fund your studies in New Zealand
Know the various ways you can finance your studies abroad in New Zealand.
Do's and Don'ts for your SOP
Simply, Yet effective pointers to keep in mind when writing your SOP
Online education and digital maturity
Reap the best benefits of online education and take the first step towards digital literacy.
5 Reasons to pick New Zealand?
Know why is the country a perfect choice for higher education
Blended learning in Canada
Read about the blended learning experience in Canadian institutions
Study bachelors in Canada
Know all about the system, co-ops, scholarships and fee.
New study permit guidelines - Canada
Read all about the announcements made on by the IRCC on July 14.
Top 6 reasons to study in the UK
UK has all what you need to accomplish your study abroad dreams. Read up.
Top 5 courses to pursue in Ireland
Know about the best thriving courses in Ireland and their scope post studies
How to write an essay for MBA
Effective tips to write that perfect essay for your business school application
Work integrated learning in Australia
Earn hands-on experience before you graduate in Australia.
Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
Know how to get a perfect LOR drafted to secure that offer letter
How to deal with culture shock
Know the factors and symptoms of culture shock, and how to deal with it
Online education in the US
Read about online learning and hybrid models offered by American institutions
IRCC updates: 23 August
Latest announcements for international students made by the IRCC on Aug 23
Co-op education in Canada
Know all about co-op programs in Canada and answers to common queries
Canada Travel during COVID
Travelling and quarantine checklist for all visa-holders permitted to travel
Employment trends in Ireland
Know more about the emerging subjects and promising job fields in Ireland
Choose your US university by location
Know how to select the right US university based on its geographic location
Masters by Research in Australia
A great choice after graduation for research aspirants in Australia.
Pathway programs in Australia
A great way to enrol in an Australian institution if you have low grades
Canada's top univs for engineering
Explore the top 8 universities to pursue engineering in Canada
Why are micro-credentials important?
Upskill with mini degrees for a better career
Maintain a healthy lifestyle abroad
Some effective ways to stay healthy while studying abroad
How to survive Canadian winters
A warm guide to survive the frigid Canadian winters
Mistakes to avoid in US application
Know what not to do when applying to study in the US.
5 reasons to attend virtual education fair
Know how joining an international education fair can help your study abroad dreams.
Fleming College: All about it
With four campuses and over 120 programs, Fleming College is a top ranker.


How many years of experience is required for an MBA at Go8 Universities?
by dhakshita
3 to 4 years of managerial work experience is required.
Can I visit a branch in Australia if I need help?
by anurudh
Yes, IDP have branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth that you can visit or you can also contact IDP Australia.

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