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Top 8 study tips for Indian students abroad

Simple tips to balance your academics and everyday life

As an international student, it is important to understand how to maintain a balance between your academic and social life. Everyone has their own approach towards studying, and to know which one is yours is as important. Here, we’ve got eight awesome tips to help you save from any last minute stress: 

1. Plan ahead

Make sure you make a broad timeline of your study schedules to know how early you need to start studying for your examinations. It is best to start studying early to be in a stronger position later on. Study every day or week, however convenient to you to keep raising your doubts with your professors or peers. Remember, since the education system of the new country would be a bit different than India, you might take time to adjust to the same.

2. Keeping organised is the key

Make sure you have all your study material in place. If you are missing any of the support books, join a library or borrow from a friend to make a copy. Avoid running around for notes and material when the exams are near.

3. Study environment

It is very important to know what kind of an environment works for you. Where do you find it the easiest to study - library, bedroom, or a bustling café? Similarly, when do you feel the most productive – early morning, afternoon or at night? Build an effective study environment so you can make the most of your time. Don’t forget to take breaks while studying to avoid drowsiness and mental fatigue.

4. Create a time table

A carefully charted study plan always works. Your schedule should indicate how much you plan to study on a daily/weekly basis. Try to keep it as realistic as possible, keeping all the other every day activities in mind. You can also make your plan on a large chart paper and paste it on the wall as a visual reminder.

5. You have doubts, ask it out

Don’t hesitate to ask any of your doubts from professors and your friends. You can also create a study group with fellow students or other Indian students. This social activity will also act as a support group and build more connections in your campus.

6. Practice papers

Make use of previous years’ question papers to practice your answers beforehand. This will also help you understand the pattern of the examination and how to structure your answers.

7. Stress management

It’s normal to be stressed when studying but don’t let it affect your score. Manage your stress by taking frequent breaks, eating well and having some recreation time. Exercising is also known to reduce stress levels besides keeping you fit.

8. Use university resources to advantage

There would be many study resources available at your university or college, make optimum use of it. Many campuses also provide international student support services like counsellors and advisers to help you deal with any academic or personal issues you might be facing.

It is very important for you to understand that over-studying will only stress you out. Study smart, and well ahead in time to maintain your scores and peace of mind. Study, but don’t overdo it. 

Manage your money

It can be hard to manage expenses and budgeting on your own. Our financial survival guide is here to help you plan your money well.

Dealing with stress

If studying abroad makes you homesick or stressed, read our guide to deal with it effectively. It’s okay – happens with the best of us.


If I have 1 year work experience will it be easy for me to get part time job in my field of interest
by Lalit
Yes it can help you get part time jobs.
Why is the UK better than other countries?
by Neeraj
UK universities are renowned for high academic standards compared to other countries. Living and health-care costs are reasonable in the UK. UK student visa is easier to obtain than for other countries. The UK has a multicultural atmosphere that is difficult to find in any other country.
Am I eligible for MS in Business- Sports Mgmnt with MS in Sports Mgmt from India?
by Shirish
You can apply if you have strong reason to study another course that can help you with your career in India with a strong SOP. Please check the subjects offered within the course so that you don't go for same course that you have already studied. The University will have the final call.

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