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Why your child needs an international degree

Some reasons why your child should consider studying abroad

World-class education, globally recognised faculty, excellent state-of-the-art facilities, high academic quality, and brilliant growth opportunities are some of the main reasons why parents want their children to experience international education. But this is not just it, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn new cultures, establish a great professional network, and become more independent and confident. Sounds like a good decision, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the most prominent reasons why parents send their children to study abroad in a little detail: 

1. A global degree 

High-quality education is the primary driving force for students to study abroad. While there may be many premier institutes in their own home country, international institutions have a lot more to offer - modern infrastructure, industry connections, renowned faculty, more specialisation options and much more. 

2. More study options

International institutions offer degrees and specialisations in many non-traditional courses along with experiential learning. Students are given an opportunity to work in the industry to get hands-on experience as well as earn money to sustain their lifestyle in a new country. 

3. Better career opportunities 

A resume with international education experience is attractive to almost all employers. It is a strong hiring factor and makes their resume stand out from the rest of the applicants. Employers know an international student has a global mindset and comes with industry experience. 

4. Attractive pay package

High-quality education assures bright career prospects and attractive pay packages. International students mostly earn higher than their peers and so, grow in their careers faster. In fact, they often recover the cost of their money invested within a few years, and many times over. 

5. Better research opportunities

International education institutions provide ample support to all international research aspirants with modern technologies, state-of-the-art facilities, experienced mentors, and resources required for in-depth research. There are various grants and scholarships available for such students who show promise in their field of study. 

6. Personality development 

An international student experiences significant grooming of their personality. Adjusting to the global culture makes them more confident, practical, and independent. They become well-prepared and equipped for the future, ready for all upcoming challenges both academically and professionally. 

7. Gain experience in a competitive work environment

The curriculum of international institutions is quite experiential. It means that they squeeze in industry experience during their semesters, so they graduate with work experience and knowledge of the industry they plan to make their careers in. Today, all businesses are internationally competitive, and therefore, applicants with a global mindset are preferred by all employers. Someone with international work experience on the resume will always stand out for recruiters. 

8. Cultural diversity

Many parents prefer to send their child abroad to make them embrace diversity. Adapting to new places and people makes them more culturally sensitive, which is an important aspect to become successful in this global business world. 

9. Proficiency in language skills

Being proficient in English and other languages will always be a great propeller in your child’s success. It can open many doors of success and there is no better way to improvise your skills than studying abroad and spending time where the language is spoken most commonly. 

We understand, as a parent, it might be stressful for you to send your child abroad but look at the broader picture. Studying abroad will open opportunities for them you have not even thought about and groom them personally and professionally on various fronts. If you still have any concerns, schedule a free appointment with us and we’ll help you make the right decision. 

Updated on March 21, 2021

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