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How are UK universities preparing to welcome students September onwards?

Ranked No. 6 as the best overall university in the UK by the Guardian 2020, the University of Bath is well-prepared for the next intake of students


Each year, many students across India aspire and apply to join a UK university, particularly a top institution such as the University of Bath (ranked 6th best overall university in the UK, the Guardian 2020). While in this most unprecedented of years, the prospect of starting studies abroad seemed unfeasible, things in the UK have been changing with a rapidly improving national situation. The country is reopening its key sectors and universities, preparing to welcome new students in the autumn. Good news for the students - starting your degree in the UK this year is possible! 

The UK: still the destination of choice for students

Known for its world-class research, the UK remains one of the world’s most popular study destinations for students across the globe. With courses relatively short and flexible, innovative teaching methodologies and world-class campuses, it provides the perfect platform for students to realise their potential and develop the skills they need. 

Most international students who come to study in the UK have the desire to improve their future employability.  As per the QS global survey of graduate employers, degrees from the country are recognised and valued by employers worldwide. In fact, many UK institutions hone their students with the right skillset as demanded by a modern employer, whilst some even imbed real, practical experience into courses to prepare them for the job. 

The University of Bath, which was established to connect academic thinking with practical business experience, sends almost two thirds of all undergraduates on a placement each year – more than most universities in the country. It also offers practical work opportunities on a growing number of master’s courses, including some with one-year work placements. Bath strives to ensure that the students who graduate from the university are both academically excellent and ‘work-ready’. 

The Government Acts: The post-study work visa route 

The UK government is continuing to ease lockdown measures across the country as coronavirus case numbers continue to fall. Meanwhile, the recent update on the two-year post-study work visa route soon-to-be-available to all Indian, and international university graduates has been welcomed and well received. 

Accessible to 2020 starters, it has been confirmed that all students will be eligible to apply to remain in the UK to look for work after graduating so long as they’re in the UK by 6th April 2021. This reassurance has been welcomed by Indian offer-holders, given that some may plan to physically join their chosen university later in the academic year. 

Aerial view of the University of Bath campus 

Student safety and course flexibility

To welcome students in the upcoming intake, the University of Bath is preparing to deliver an inspiring student experience with safety and wellbeing at its core. I am proud to share that the student community at the University has come together stronger than ever this year via a wide range of remote social activities and events that were organised internally. Driven by the University and Students Union, we look forward to continue connecting students, promote self-development and refining of new skills to help create stronger student personas.  Academically, our programmes will be available in blended delivery – a mixture of in-person sessions in Bath, live online sessions, and pre-recorded online material as additional resources. In-person sessions will also be available online for students choosing to participate remotely.

At the University, our programmes are planned strategically so that each student has their own set timetable to give structure. Significant investments in our digital resources will also allow our academic staff to facilitate virtual learning, such as providing online break-out opportunities for students to engage with peers, repeat videos in their own time and actively participate during interactions and various other sessions. A formalised ‘buddying-up’ system will ensure that students benefit from local engagement, regardless of location. Recently being ranked top ten in the UK for student satisfaction (National Students Survey, 2020), the University will also continue to engage and support its students, providing a comprehensive experience to all. 

This new learning environment will provide an opportunity for entrenching those employability skills, which will be most sought-after following the present crisis: agility, digital proficiency, collaboration on any platform, and a strong sense of seizing opportunities in a changing world.

The University of Bath is proud to work closely with our partners in India, IDP. Here is a spotlight on two current IDP students at the University of Bath.  

Medha Arora, Ghaziabad, India

Pursuing: MSc Data Science with Placement, University of Bath

“The foremost reason for me to choose University of Bath was because of the course structure. The second was the university ranking and helpful feedback I received from university staff. The third reason being the location as Bath is very beautiful, safe, serene and calm.”

Why did you opt for the University of Bath?

“The course duration was the major focus for me to choose to study in UK as the master’s is only for one year. I wanted to grow in my career and spend less time on my higher education studies so that I can grab work opportunities quickly. 

My first impression of the University was a very peaceful campus, whilst my first impression of the city was that the people are very polite and helpful here and the city is very clean and safe.”

How has been your experience so far?

“I was surprised initially about the UK’s response to the outbreak as travel to and from the UK remained open. However, at the same time, the UK’s control of the outbreak has also surprised me and it has been wonderful how the government has supported international students by extending their visas, suggesting people not to travel back to their countries and instead stay here.

I have felt that on the whole the transition to online learning has been a positive experience as I’ve had more time to study and more flexibility instead of a prescribed lecture time. I have saved a lot of time on travelling and instead I’ve been able to perform other activities.

My best advice to students would be to always try to reach out for support if you need help with anything. You can never get any help if you don’t ask. Do not exhaust yourself and stay determined and focussed.”

Mohd Umair Khan, Saharanpur City, India

Pursuing: MSc International Development with Economics, University of Bath

“The University of Bath is one of the leading universities in the UK and coming to Bath is not something you will regret. My advice would be to make use of the facilities the university is offering, enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage city, and study well.”

What was you first impression of the University? 

“When I first reached London, I got free the coach service to Bath arranged by the Students Services of the university. After collecting keys from the campus, I got another free bus service to my accommodation which is in the city centre, whilst the scenic beauty of Bath was mesmerizing. This made a wonderful first impression.

The most amazing surprise about the city of Bath for me was that a lot of attractions are free to visit for students studying in any university in Bath. 

In the last few months, I have submitted my coursework, applied for jobs, and have been working on my dissertation. I am engaging in productive activities like cooking and running. Also, I am reading as much and as effectively I can for my dissertation and learning new skills like R and Stata software.” 

How is Bath coping with the Covid-19 situation?

“Bath is one of the few places in England where there were a relatively smaller number of cases. There was never a crisis in this city and the community came together stronger than before. People volunteered delivering food to the elderly, my university provided accommodation for frontline workers, and the engineering department manufactured PPE for doctors and nurses. 

I have also had multiple opportunities to engage with representatives from companies. These engagements happened at campus careers fairs, alumni meet ups, webinars, and social events organised by the University’s Careers Service.

If you want to enrol for the next intake in the University of Bath or have some questions you’d like to ask our ambassadors more questions, get in touch with them online!

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Updated on September 1, 2020

James O'Grady
(University of Bath)

Mr. James O'Grady is the Student Recruitment Manager Postgraduate Taught Recruitment and Admissions Office at the University of Bath.

He manages the University of Bath's postgraduate student recruitment from India. One of his key priorities is ensuring that Indian students are well-informed and supported throughout their application journey.   


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