Pursuing MBA in Canada

MBA programs in Canada vary in duration from 10 months to over 2 years but because their respective structures and curriculums vary widely a universally applicable description of what precisely a student will learn is impossible. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional graduate degree which instructs students in the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully control, lead, manage, plan, organize, and adapt to ever-changing, complex, specific and/or general, domestic and global business environments, organizations, relationships, and situations. Canadian universities or Business schools in Canada require a good average GMAT score along with minimum 2.5 years of work experience in the related field for MBA entry.


The general requirements of applying for MBA in Canada include:

Bachelor's degree:

Bachelor degree of minimum 4 years is required by Canadian universities.

English competency:

High TOEFL/IELTS score is required to seek admission in All B schools.


GMAT score is manadatory to apply for MBA in Canada for all b Schools. However some universities grant admission without GMAT based on GPA and work experience of the candidate.

Previous experience:

Most of the Canadian B schools require minimum work experience of 2 years for admission in MBA. If students do not have any work experience then they can look for Pre- MBA / masters or post graduate diploma courses in Canada 1-2 years.

Scholarships or sponsorships if any:

For postgraduate courses in Canada, Canadian governemnt and research institutes provide scholarships but it is highly competitive.

Services Offered:

At IDP, our team of expert counselors offers assistance in gaining admission to top notch Universities in Canada. Any information regarding different MBA programs conducted in Canada including Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, International Business and others, can be provided by our team of expert counselors. Other services provided by IDP include:

  • Selection of course and college
  • Visa counseling
  • Application procedure
  • Offer Acceptance
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