Planning to Studying at Scotland University?

Scotland combines a rich history, breathtaking highland sceneraies, home to festivals and distinct national culture as well as opening itself up to high-profile business and development. In Scotland you will find yourself in the middle of a creative and confident expansion. 

Scottish Universities and educational institutes offers high level of academic excellence, fresh and innovative methods of studying, modern facilities & the among the best research programmes and projects available to students acroos globe. At IDP, we provide best assistance to nurture the dreams of students who aspire of higher studies from Scotland or across the globe.

Scotland is one of Europe’s leading financial services hubs and is the most complete in the UK outside London. It is recognized for its strengths in banking, life assurance and pensions, investment management and the more recently developed sector of asset servicing. Around these core businesses, other sectors have thrived, such as general insurance, corporate finance, stock broking and the essential support of professional services, such as accountancy and law.

Directly employing 96,000 people with seven of the top 20 companies in Scotland involved in financial services, it is not surprising to find out that this a significant contributor to the Scottish economy.

The Scottish Government offers scholarships for international students to showcase Scotland’s higher education offering in international markets. The scholarships are designed to support the promotion of Scotland as a learning nation and a science nation and are therefore targeted at the priority sectors of creative industries, life sciences, technology, financial services and renewable and clean energy. Under Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships scheme around 200 awards are available for postgraduate master’s students from Canada, India, China and USA. Scottish institutions provide more academic research papers and citations per 10,000 of the population than any other country. Around half of Scotland’s research has been awarded full ratings  in the UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) signifying excellence & quality.

Student services offered:

IDP couselors will guide the candidates through out the process with the help of prospectus, handbooks and CD-Roms as well as the relevant application forms. IDP counselors help the candidates regarding information about particular subject and college. Other services include:

  • Selection of course and college
  • Guidance on various scholarships
  • Application procedure
  • Visa counseling
  • Offer Acceptance
  • Pre-departure

For details on courses in Scotland, Graduate and Postgraduate degree in Scotland & UK, Masters program in Scotland, Institutes and Universities in Scotland  the candidate can contact us through enquiry form or contact number provided.