MBA in the U.S. University is typically a two year duration program. The course structure is a combination of real – world case studies discussions and internships options. U.S. Universities offer option for both students with or without work experience. The application for MBA program in the U.S. requires the student to take the pre requisite standardised test, which is supported by well tailored statement of purpose, resume and effective letters of recommendation. The MBA in the U.S. is the integration of key traits required in a business graduate and prepare tackle challenges in the professional field.

  • Agri- Business
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Finance
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • International Business
  • IT and Systems
  • Marketing
  • Marketing and Operations
  • Real Estate
  • Rural Management

Why MBA in USA?

The USA is the largest economic engine of the World and is considered as the mecca  of the MBA programs and the capitalism.
The MBA programs in the US provide students an opportunity to study in an exciting international environment along with students from diverse cultural background who join the US universities.
It is often noticed that availing an admission to MBA program in the USA is easier compared to that of any of the premier institutes in India both based on efforts and cost.
The knowledge that students would attain from experienced faculty members at the US would enable students with high quality skills that would be highly appreciable in the business environment across the World.
The case study driven teaching methodology equips students with practical knowledge and prepares them for the tough industry role.
The MBA program in the US also imbibes various soft skills like team building, leadership, entrepreneurial, decision making etc.

Eligibility for admission to an MBA program in the US

The basic admission eligibility criteria for the MBA programs in US universities is at least 16 years of undergraduate education. It is expected that this 16 years of undergraduate education would include four years of education after the successful completion of high school / junior college from a recognized and accredited college / university. It means Indian aspirants who have completed three-year graduation degree program would not be qualified for the MBA program. Hence, it is necessary that India students complete a post-graduation degree or a professional four-year degree like engineering.
Also, many US universities value the leadership qualities that are present in a candidate. The candidates who have demonstrated noticeable leadership qualities in their previous organization or have been part of some NGO projects, they would earn some extra points and their candidature would be strengthened. Individuals have a high focus on their goals and have requisite traits that are needed in the business world would be ideal candidates for a business school.

Admission Requirement


(Graduate Management Admissions Test): It is necessary for candidates to score high GMAT score to seek admissions in business school


In order to get admission in the US universities, candidates need to demonstrate English language competency by scoring high in TOEFL or IELTS exams. It is advisable candidates appear for this exam with good preparation and try to score the best.

Essays & Resume

Craft compelling essyas and resumes to highlight your most dalient attributes and make you stand out to the admission committee.

Letter of Recommendation

A recommendation letter that highlight candidates’ achievements in academic or professional World would add value to the candidature. It is advisable to get such references from one’s academic institution (professors / directors) or from workplace (reporting manager / CEO) that highlight the leadership qualities and other managerial skills.

Industry Expierence

Though it is not mandatory for all business schools, it would add value to the candidature if the candidates have a couple of years of work experience in the industry. The work experience letter should also be included as part of admission form.


The interview is usually the last step during the admission process. These interviews could be conducted by a faculty member or a staff or an alumni or a third party representative appointed by the business school. These interview are more often than no informal in nature and are meant for information exchange. These interviews allow university representatives to judge the candidates’ focus, passion, future career goals and personality.

Top Universities to Pursue MBA in the USA and Average GMAT score required

Below is an indicative list of top universities in the USA and the average GMAT score that would be required to get qualified in that university.

Rank Universities Average GMAT score
1 Harvard University, MA 724
1 Stanford University, CA 729
3 University of Pennslyvania (Wharton), PA 718
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), MA 710
4 Northwestern University (Kellogg), IL 708
6 University of Chicago (Booth), IL 720
7 University of California – Berkely (Haas), CA 715
8 Columbia University, NY 715
9 Darthmouth College, (Tuck), NH 717
10 New York University (Stern), NY 720