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Queen's University Belfast - INTO UK

United Kingdom


INTO students choosing to study at Queen's University Belfast will find themselves starting a fantastic new educational journey against the historic backdrop of Northern Ireland's capital city, Belfast. Queen's University Belfast is one of the United Kingdom's foremost universities, offering its students outstanding research and taught opportunities, alongside a vibrant student lifestyle and a low cost of living.

The university is the ninth oldest in the UK, having been founded in 1845. It is located in the centre of the city, offering students easy access to all that the city has to offer along with the excellent facilities found on-campus.

The city itself has a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere, while retaining the welcoming and friendly nature of a small, safe urban community. Belfast is full of history and students can enjoy exploring monasteries and castles alongside stunning coastal landscapes that are just a stone's throw away.

Queen's University Belfast supports a range of INTO courses and prides itself on equipping students for ongoing success after graduation.

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What's new

What's new

Belfast Region City Deal

Queen's University Belfast has been involved in the development of a new suite of innovative investment projects and funding deals. These allow for unprecedented levels of exciting new opportunities, facilities and knowledge exchange between the university and the wider region.

Queen's University Belfast is a key partner in this impressive development alongside Ulster University and a variety of local councils, colleges and the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

The university is a leader across five ''innovation projects'' that are developed with the cultivation of research investment and academic development across the region. Overall, the projects contribute to a wider culture of innovative working, enhanced productivity and new opportunities across the region. This exciting development will have excellent knock-on benefits for students and staff alike, and further contributes to the university's reputation as a global leader and innovator.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

INTO courses at the Queen's University Belfast are renowned for their relevance to the contemporary employment markets and cutting-edge events across a number of fields. Students will benefit from learning in an intensive and prestigious research environment, with Queen's being given elite Russell Group status for its quality and outputs.

Every element of student life at INTO Queen's University Belfast will equip students for success in their chosen discipline or study area. The university prides itself on the experience and passion of its teaching staff, which are well complemented by world-class facilities and personalised student support services.

The university works hard to ensure that every INTO student at Queen's will have built up their knowledge and understanding of their study area, achieved improvements across essay writing, study and research skills, and improved their English skills in listening, speaking and writing.

The university's welcoming team of experienced teachers have so far assisted hundreds of overseas students in achieving their desired degree at Queen's University Belfast.

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Student support

Student support

At INTO Queen's University Belfast, international students will join a welcoming, diverse and progressive community of students and staff. Students are able to enjoy their studies with the continuous support of a committed International Support Team. This team is comprised of expert advisers who are trained in helping international students get the most out of their time abroad. They are able to provide guidance and assistance around a variety of topics, including:

  • Visas and immigration
  • UK education system
  • Registration with the police
  • Financial advice including help to open a bank account
  • Health support including registering with a doctor and dentist
  • Academic issues or assistance
  • Personal issues and wellbeing support
  • Other administrative issues
  • Exciting trips around the region and other social events

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

To be eligible for completing a course of study at INTO Queen's University Belfast, students will need to satisfy a number of entry requirements. This is to ensure that students are suited to their chosen study programme before they begin and allows the university to ensure that the student will be able to achieve their full potential through their chosen study pathway.

INTO students applying to study at Queen's University Belfast are able to apply to courses at several different levels. These include the international foundation, the international year one, an undergraduate degree with international year one, and a graduate diploma. The university also offers specific English language courses.

Each course has specific academic and English language entry requirements. Students should consult the relevant course page for their intended application prior to submitting it, to ensure they satisfy the criteria and maximise the chance of a successful application.

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Queen's University Belfast prides itself on regular investment into constructing modern, world-class facilities to enable its students to achieve their goals. The university has invested more than GBP 350 million over the past 10+ years, helping to ensure it can provide students and researchers with state-of-the-art facilities.

Some of the new facilities available to students at Queen's include:

  • An award-winning and technology-focused library, with over GBP 50 million invested into its construction
  • A professional-level Financial Trading Room equipped with cutting-edge Bloomberg terminals
  • The world-class Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology with high level laboratory and research facilities
  • A variety of well-equipped and modern facilities serving interdisciplinary health and life science subject areas

Overall Queen's University Belfast is part way through its investment and facility development journey, with another GBP 350 million to be invested – bringing the total to GBP 700 million.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

To recognise the achievements and encourage the continued growth of its international students, INTO Queen's University Belfast offers a wide range of exciting scholarships and other funding opportunities to help with the costs of studying.

The financial awards currently available to students can vary in amount and may be paid out across one or multiple years. These offerings are designed to assist with the costs of living and studying, which is fantastic when combined with living in the affordable city of Belfast.

Scholarships are typically awarded to assist specifically with tuition fees and will be paid directly to the university. However, many financial awards may be offered in part or completely towards the costs of living or other study costs such as materials or research expenses.

Some scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria, so students should check the application guidelines before applying to an award. Students can find information on the variety of scholarships and awards available through the university's website.

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