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Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

Check the ranking of your university at a global level!


The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is an initiative by the Cybermetrics Lab i.e. a research group of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), recognised as the largest Spanish public research body. Incepted in 2004, it intends to offer full coverage of Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) irrespective of the country or discipline. Currently, it ranks 30 000 HEIs from more than 200 countries.

  • The Ranking Web or Webometrics is known as the largest academic ranking of Higher Education Institutions. It offers an independent, objective, and open scientific exercise for reliability, up-to-date, multidimensional and useful information w.r.t performance of universities across the world in every six months
  • The rankings are currently, it’s the 17th year of publication
  • You should not confuse the Ranking Web with the ranking of the universities website, as it’s a ranking of universities. Its indicator includes both webometric (all missions) and bibliometric (research mission)
  • The main objective of the Ranking Web is to encourage open access to the knowledge produced by a university
  • The Ranking Web editors are scientists working in world-class public research institutions with considerable experience in metrics-guided evaluation
  • The rankings are a research project and changes in the methodology are in line with the new findings or the availability of sources.

 Top 20 universities by Leiden Rankings 2019

Indicators Meaning Methodology Source weight
Presence Public knowledge shared Size (number of pages) of the main web domain of the institution. It includes all the subdomains that share the same (central/main) web domain Google 5%
Visibility Web contents Impact Number of external networks (subnets) linking to the institution's webpages (normalized and then average value) Ahrefs Majestic 50%
Transparency (Or Openness) Top cited researchers Number of citations from Top 110 authors (excl. top 10 outliers) Google Scholar Profiles 10%
Excellence (Or Scholar) Top cited papers Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in each one of the 26 disciplines of the full database Data for the five years: 2013-2017 Scimago 35%

Source: https://www.webometrics.info/en/Methodology


S.No Institution Location Presence Rank Impact Rank Openess Rank Excellence Rank
1 Harvard University US 1 2 1 1
2 Stanford University US 3 3 2 2
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology US 2 1 4 8
4 University of California Berkeley US 18 4 3 17
5 University of Washington US 25 5 56 10
6 University of Michigan US 12 8 11 7
7 University of Oxford UK 21 15 8 4
8 Columbia University US 57 9 8 14
9 Cornell University US 9 6 17 22
10 University of Pennsylvania US 41 12 10 15
11 University of Cambridge US 67 19 6 12
12 University of California (LA) US 52 17 9 13
13 Yale University US 74 10 13 20
14 University of Wisconsin Madison US 29 14 30 34
15 Johns Hopkins University US 118 34 41 6
16 University of California-San Diego US 120 29 5 19
17 University of Minnesota System US 29 18 20 35
18 University of Toronto Canada 43 38 24 11
19 Duke University US 48 23 14 21
20 Pennsylvania State University US 20 11 49 47

Source: http://www.webometrics.info/en/world


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Updated on May 12, 2020

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Hi, There are many options available and based on your portfolio strength, we will be able to shortlist the best options relevant to you. Please prepare a good portfolio which is an important factor for deciding your admission.
Hi, is monash a part of Go8
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