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5 University Pathways Other than Bachelor dan Diploma 

 What’s your next step in your education journey after O Level?Apart from conventional education pathways such as junior college (A Level) and polytechnic (diploma) routes are there other roads you can take to get a university degree?

Good news is, there are!
We’ve compiled the various possible pathways for you and to provide a deeper understanding of how each one fits your educational aspiration.
Pathway 1. High School/ College Study Abroad Program
Consider joining a high school or college study abroad program in the UK, US or New Zealand or many other English-speaking countries. 
This program will allow you to experience learning whilst soaking up in the country’s culture, nightlife and nature. At the same time, you’ll get to find out if this lifestyle is suitable for you. You may even be able to pick up a third language while abroad! 
While maintaining your educational goals, what’s having a little adventure once in a while?
Pathway 2. Overseas Foundation Programme/ Preparatory Course
One year is all it takes to complete an overseas foundation programme or preparatory course as an alternative pathway into university. 
This one year will aid you as an international student to cope with “the way of life” in a foreign country as you learn to adapt in your new environment. 
This pathway is also a great alternative for those who have served National Service (NS) or have taken a break after graduation. The foundation course aims to provide you with relevant modules to help you refresh your memories or gain relevant knowledge related to your future course. 
You get an assured spot into your university as long as you’ve fulfilled the requirements in your foundation year. 
Pathway 3. Private Partner Pathway Providers
Failed to meet the minimum English Language requirements at the university of your choice? Then it’s time to explore admissions into private partner pathway providers of the university. 
Getting certified with the private partner provider will aid you in gaining credits for selected courses in the university of your choice. 
For example, getting an Advanced Diploma at Canning College will provide you with extra credits at Murdoch University for selected courses. Connect with your university to find out more about affiliated courses at their partner institutions.
Pathway 4. Special Tertiary Admissions Tests/ SATs for US colleges
Some students have also chosen to assess their critical thinking and analytical abilities through a series of tests that would allow them to pursue a tertiary education in the US. They’ll get to sit for either a Standardised Admission Test (SAT) for US colleges or Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). 
Do connect with your university institution for this alternative pathway on whether STAT or SAT will be accepted for the course you are applying for and if it is, which version of the test you will need to sit for. 
Pathway 5. Through study abroad specialists
Planning to study abroad or considering possible foundation programmes for entry into your university course? 
Take advantage of study abroad specialists like IDP - which has been connecting students to the right course for over 50 years.
IDP has a team of friendly counsellors who are able to provide relevant course advice and assist with university and visa applications even - all for free.
The process also includes going through aspects like banking, scholarship opportunities and accommodation matters. 
Ready To Move Forward?
Now that you have a better idea of the various pathways into university, what will be your next step? 
Unsure which alternative pathway to university to take? Not able to enter your desired university with your A-level or Diploma certifications?
Not to worry, we can help carve a pathway solution just for you! At IDP, we have helped secure students placements into universities globally customised to their unique situation.
Book a counselling session with IDP and let our counsellors advice you on your best options tailored for your unique situation.
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Holding an A-Level or Diploma cert is not the only pathway to getting a degree. We’ve compiled some alternative education routes that might be ideal for you!
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Holding an A-Level or Diploma cert is not the only pathway to getting a degree. In fact, there are alternative routes and if you want to find out more, make a free appointment with us!
Holding an A-Level or Diploma cert is not the only pathway to getting a degree. In fact, there are multiple routes! Register and swing by our upcoming study abroad exhibition to find out more!

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