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Fake IELTS Certificates and Scammers: Why You Should Resist

If you are seeking to enter a university in English speaking countries like Canada and the UK, you’d probably know that there’s a need to take IELTS.

Taking the official IELTS test will require full effort to study for it, including preparation courses, practise tests and masterclasses, but if you are thinking of taking a shortcut and bypassing taking the test itself by buying a fake IELTS certificate - don’t! It is just not worth it.

Don’t Allow Fraudsters To Take Advantage Of You

Scammers and fraudsters today understand how valuable the IELTS certification is - after all, it is essentially an entry ticket to a university course of your dreams or part of a successful immigration visa application.

From churning out fake IELTS print-outs to online certificates with fake serial numbers, scammers are even setting online websites in order to lure you in and take your hard-earned money.

And if you do purchase a fake IELTS certificate - it won’t work & will be rejected.

The Risks Of Buying A Fake IELTS Certificate

From hundreds to thousands of dollars, these fake IELTS certificates prey upon your naivity.

The only way to get your desired official IELTS score is to put in the hard work and be as prepared as you can be.

If you decide to take a shortcut and purchase a fake IELTS Certificate, not only will that plan fail, you might suffer from the potential consequences:

- Being banned from reapplying to your chosen universities or destination country

- Being reported to the authorities (purchasing a fake IELTS certificate is illegal)

- Being reported to the organisations hosting IELTS (like IDP) that could take action against you

Getting a fake IELTS certificate can jeopardise your lifelong goals and career aspirations.

Be Aware Of The Top 3 Claims Scammers Will Use

In addition, to making their website look credible with sleek designs and impressive-looking content, here are three claims IELTS fraudsters will use to tempt people.

False Claim #1: We Are Well Connected To The Testers & Employees of IDP

Being a co-founder of IELTS, scammers will regularly claim they have connections with IDP’s employees.

Our staff, employees and testers conduct ourselves with strict professionalism and uphold the highest ethical standards and do not partner with any third-parties claiming to sell fake IELTS certifications.

False Claim #2: Our Certificates On Sale Are Authentic and Verifiable

It is key to note that any fake IELTS certificates are not authentic and when put through a verification test will swiftly show that the candidate has not taken the IELTS test.

Companies, organisations and educational institutes will always routinely do their checks on your application.

If it is discovered that you have submitted fake credentials, you could be (and very likely will be) blacklisted.

False Claim #3: Just Pay A 50% Deposit To Get Your Certificate & Pay The Rest Upon Verification

As mentioned before, the IELTS certifications are fake and cannot be successfully verified, so why do the fraudsters only take 50% upfront?

They simply wish to lure you into a false sense of security, plus they don’t expect you to pay the remainder - they just want the deposit (which is already a sizeable sum!)

Prepare For and Ace Your IELTS Test The Right Way

While it requires time and effort, getting your desired score in the IELTS test isn’t difficult - you just need to make the necessary preparation and be willing to practise.

From masterclasses to progress checks and practice tests, IDP has all the resources you need at your fingertips to achieve your ideal IELTS band score.

At IDP, we are dedicated to helping our students and test-takers achieve the IELTS certification legitimately.

Forget about buying fake IELTS certificates, secure your future by doing it right. Take the next step forward and book your IELTS test with us.


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