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Why IDP Is Your Best Bet To Study Overseas Safely Amidst The Pandemic

Studying abroad is much more than just getting a degree, it is about widening your horizons and developing holistically as an individual.

Pursuing your education overseas unlocks a multitude of opportunities to network, build independence and gain an international perspective, all of which are valuable assets to help build your future career.

While the pandemic poses challenges for students looking to travel to their study destinations, you shouldn’t abandon your study plans!

With IDP, we can help you navigate through the new travel restrictions, border closures and visa applications to help set you up for success for your adventure abroad.

5 Reasons Why IDP Is Your Best Bet In Studying Overseas Safely
It is easy to get overwhelmed and at a loss when it comes to pursuing your dreams to study overseas, especially during this period of uncertainty.

At IDP, we are continuously adapting and improving our services to help you stay up to date with the best options to help you confidently proceed towards the goal of studying abroad safely.

1. Obtain Expert Advice For Your Course Application

Applying for the right course requires you to balance a multitude of considerations - from the course subject and career goals to your budget and timeline.

Finding the best fit for your course, university and study destination can make the difference in helping you attain a fulfilling study abroad experience.

While you might have a list of courses you’d like to pursue and have narrowed down a key selection of universities in your desired countries, it’s time to get first-hand information from those who have gone through the same path before - our IDP counsellors.

Your counsellor will be able to help you navigate through the best options during this challenging period as well as assisting you with securing alternatives in many other quality study destinations.

If there are border closures in certain countries, such as Australia or New Zealand for example, your IDP counsellor will help you find comparable alternatives in other choice destinations such as Ireland or Canada.

3. We Provide Virtual Counselling From The Comfort Of Your Home

Travelling to our offices might not be convenient during this challenging period.

To ensure that you gain the very best advice and assistance to pursue your dreams overseas, we are happy to offer virtual counselling with our team of expert education counsellors.

This means that you will be able to share with your counsellors, your goals, dream courses, ideal study destinations, finances and other preferences for your study abroad adventure.

You’ll get a clearer picture of the best course and institution available to you during this period as well as assisting you with finding the best fit possible.
You can book your virtual counselling session here for free.

4. The New IDP Study Abroad App

Our new IDP Study Abroad app equips you with everything you need to prepare for your overseas study adventure.

Not only will you be able to better search for courses across over 650 universities, but you’ll also be able to shortlist and learn more about your favourite university and courses.

The app will almost allow you to track your applications in real-time with personalised notifications to help you understand the exact step you are at within the application process.

Plus, you’ll also be able to access handy tips and advice from both our education experts and international students to help to better learn more about your travel destination for a more educated decision.

5. Safe IELTS Testing Venues

The IELTS test is a mandatory part of your application to renowned and recognised universities abroad and at IDP, we understand the need to take the test within your desired timeframe in the safest conditions possible.

To ensure that there is no disruption to your application plans, we have taken all necessary COVID-19 safety measures to make sure your computerised IELTS test is taken in a safe environment.

These includes:
-    A maximum of 10 test-takers per session
-    Mask-wearing by all test takers and invigilators for the entire listening, reading and writing sessions
-    Safe distancing of more than 1-meter distance to be observed at all time

In addition to this, we have also prepared free support tools, workshops and a prep course to help you familiarise yourself with the test format as well as developing your confidence to score well on test day.

Study Abroad Safely With IDP Today

Studying abroad during this period might seem daunting and filled with uncertainty, but you shouldn’t let that deter you from pursuing your dreams.

With the right audience, advice and directions, you’ll be able to safely and confidently make definite plans to pursue your dream course in a study destination that is exciting and fulfilling.

Take the next step with IDP today and get tailored advice from our team of education experts to help you reach your goals.

Book an appointment with our career counsellors today.

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