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Why Getting An Overseas Degree Can Boost Your Employability

There’s no doubt that studying abroad is an enriching life-changing experience.

After all, you’ll get to explore new cultures, travel to exciting places and experience personal growth in the process.

On top of that, did you know that getting an overseas degree can make your resume more attractive to employers?

It has been found that 6 out of 10 employers around the world give extra credit for an international student experience.

Also, over 80% said that they actively seek out graduates who have studied abroad.

If you ask us, boosting your future employability is definitely a reason why studying overseas is a good idea!

Read on to discover why you’re more employable with an overseas degree.
1. Showcase Your Independence, Self-Reliance & Personal Development

Overcoming challenges that come with studying abroad will shape you into a more mature person.

You’ll learn to rely on yourself, thrive in different situations and be confident even when you’re not within your comfort zone.

This would show employers that you’re someone who has the confidence and courage to move abroad and adapt to a new culture and lifestyle.
2. It Gives You An International Perspective & Allows You To Better Navigate Through Different Cultures

Having exposure to people from different backgrounds and cultures would not only enable you to build your people skills but also develop cross-cultural awareness.

This translates to being able to work well with foreign colleagues or clients, as well as in regional roles or companies with an international presence.
3. Develop An International Professional Network In Your Industry & Field

It is only through studying overseas that you’ll gain access to a vast amount of lecturers and peers who will go on to be young professionals working in various roles across different countries.

Hence, you would have the opportunity to diversify and build up your professional network within your industry and beyond.

To add to that, having this valuable network means that you would have potential job opportunities overseas in future.

4. It Equips You With A New Language Skill Honed From Immersion Living

If you’re studying in a country where the native language isn’t your own, you’ll get the chance to pick up a new language while in an immersive environment.
This would help to have a better grasp of it. After all, applying a language in real-world situations enables you to gain a deeper understanding as compared to only studying it in class.

As complete immersion into a new language is the most effective way to learn, you’ll also be able to pick up accents and colloquialisms.

This is a huge plus in the workplace as being fluent in two or more languages will present you in a desirable light to employers in this highly globalised world.
5. You Will Stand Out In Your CV & Interviews

Having an overseas degree as part of your CV would create a good first impression.

This is because it highlights to employers that you were bold enough to travel to a place outside your comfort zone. It also shows drive and the passion to succeed in your industry.

Apart from that, being culturally experienced and living overseas for a few years would show a level of commitment that is above your peers who didn’t choose to study overseas. Thus, it helps you stand out in the job market.
6. It Opens You Up To International Job Prospects

The global connections you make while studying abroad would help you greatly when it comes to working overseas.

Throughout your life and career, you can tap into this international network and seek out a variety of opportunities – be it an internship or a new role in an entirely different field.

Maintaining these connections is crucial because somewhere along the road, you might end up forming collaborations or even going into business with these contacts.

7. You’ll Be More Adaptable In Different Situations & Showcase Flexibility

Studying abroad throws you in all kinds of unexpected situations. After all, you’re in a totally new country and sometimes wouldn’t know what to expect on a day to day basis.

As some of these situations require you to adapt or think on your feet, you’ll learn to be more flexible and keep a cool head when things don’t go your way.

To employers, this is a great trait because being highly adaptable means that you’ll be willing to grow and learn along with the company as things change.

8. Better Communication Skills Gained From A More Diverse Curriculum

Being able to effectively communicate and overcome language barriers while you’re overseas is one of the greatest career benefits of studying abroad.

Employers find this skill highly attractive as it suggests that you have good communication skills. This is transferrable and helps with public speaking, presenting, writing as well as non-verbal communication.

Ready To Embark On Your Overseas Study Adventure?

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