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 The IELTS Score You Need To Do An MBA in the UK 

Want to set yourself up for success in the business world back home or in the UK?

An MBA in the UK could help you to do just that. 

While any high-level degree from a prestigious university will help you capture the attention of potential employers, an MBA offers exclusive benefits.

An MBA lends credibility to your profile, equipping you with a host of transferable skills (like leadership), as well as strong strategic thinking skills. 

If you’re aiming for the opportunity to acquire an advanced position, such as managerial roles or specialist roles, pursuing an MBA in the UK is a fantastic choice.

However, not every international student coming into the UK will be eligible for an MBA. 

If you want to stand out in the business world with the right qualifications, you will need the required IELTS band score.


Calculating The Required IELTS Score for an MBA in UK Schools


As many international students already know, the IELTS test plays a big part in opening up your educational opportunities. This is particularly true in the UK, which offers exceptional value to students in the form of excellent wages, a graduate student visa of up to 2 years, and a solid reputation for success.

In fact, 38% of Nobel Laureates who earned their degree abroad got their education in the UK. 

The UK may be home to some of the most prestigious and impressive schools in the world, you’ll need to prove yourself if you want to be accepted along with the best and brightest. 

While the average IELTS Academic band score required is between 6.0-6.5, you may need a higher score for the more prestigious and better-ranked universities in the UK. Here are five of the top-ranking schools in Britain, and what it takes to enrol with them. 


1. University of London (Cass Business School)

Cass Business School is one of the world’s most accredited institutions that offer an MBA programme.

Ranked 5th globally for entrepreneurship and 7th globally for corporate strategy, the MBA offered in Cass seeks to develop decisive leaders through experiential learning and professional development in their coursework.

The English language requirement for entry is an overall minimum score of 7.0 in the IELTS test with a 6.5 minimum in the writing component.


2. University of Oxford

You’ve probably heard of Oxford.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Oxford is a state-of-the-art education hub, offering a range of quality MBA programs - among its extensive array of renowned programs. You can opt for a one-year course which starts in September or opt for the unique Oxford 1+1 MBA option. The 1+1 offering allows you to combine a one-year MBA with a list of scientific master’s degrees. 

Of course, not just anyone will be accepted. 

MBA IELTS score requirement: 7.5 


3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a school with just as much fame as Oxford. 

At the heart of the Cambridge MBA track is their Global Consulting Project, which allows students to undertake genuine consulting projects around the world. 

The curriculum at Cambridge follows a pathway of micro to macro with four distinct phases, including team building, team leading, impact, influence, and application and relaunch. MBA students can choose to specialize in specific areas like global business or entrepreneurship. 

MBA IELTS score requirement: 7.5 


4. University of Warwick

The Warwick Business School MBA programme gives students an opportunity to get involved, with hands-on experiences like client persuasion sessions and workshops on diversity and culture. The full-time MBA course lasts for 12 months total. 

You can choose whether you want to specialise in entrepreneurship, and can explore modules like Organisational behaviour, Innovation, and creativity in organisations, and Management for the new age. 

MBA IELTS score requirement: 7


5. Imperial College Business School

Finally, Imperial College offers international and local students a unique MBA experience, which includes Global Experience Week. This event is a highlight for many students, as it allows them to travel to another country in a bid to experience “a new culture and business in an international context”.

The full-time MBA lasts for 12 months, and students can access the MBA from a range of backgrounds, including bachelor’s degrees in banking, consulting, financing, biotechnology, and many others. 

The Imperial College Business School even has a weekend degree for those who want to learn as they work. 

MBA IELTS score requirement: 6.5 


Getting the Right IELTS Score for MBA Courses


Are you planning on going to the UK for your MBA education?

If so, you’re going to need a plan. 

Although colleges and universities across the country accept IELTS scores starting at 6.0, you’ll find that many of the most prestigious universities demand a score of 7.0 or higher.

Boost your score with our range of helpful practice tests, plus our team of friendly counsellors can advise you on your best options when it comes to selecting your MBA course, as well as guiding you through the entire application process.

Interested? Be sure to make a free appointment with us, or book your IELTS test today.


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