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Top Undergraduate Degrees That Are Future-Proof

We’ve been in your shoes, and we know choosing your degree is hard. And when you add new technologies into the mix, you have an entire mess on your hands.

The economy is fast transforming, and that means the careers of old are getting replaced with new technology such as artificial intelligence and robotics. Technological advancement has accelerated in the past decade, and if you choose a future-proof degree, you'll open up a range of possibilities.

Without further ado, here are the top degrees in demand for the future so you can make sure the time and money you invest in your further education are worth it.
The Best Degrees For The Future

Technology is a big part of the future, and there's no doubt about that. Gartner’s Top 10 Technology Trends for 2020 point to a move towards hyper-automation, blockchain, AI Security.

If algorithms don't spark a light in you, some industries such as Finance and Engineering will remain monoliths of the new world even as the economy evolves.

If you ask us what the best degrees to get for the future are, we’d suggest equipping yourself with the required skills for jobs based on data, technology, ad the internet to remain relevant for the decade to come.

Here are some of the best degrees for the future and the possible careers you can pursue.

#1: Computer Science

Can’t let go of the convenience of your smartphone or even Google Assistant?
If you are curious about the technology that underpins modern tech devices, computer science may be your thing.
It’s not all lines of code and data tables. The exciting new fields of AI and machine and learning can even be applied to apps that make use of blockchain and AI.
With a CS degree, roles as  AI specialists and Computer Scientists are available to you in multiple fields.

#2: Data Science and Business Analytics

Organizations are collecting Big Data - from the government to consumer goods industries. While disk space is cheap, human resources to trawl through sheets of data, not so much.
To translate data into action, businesses need to understand it. And there's where visualisation through tools comes in. From heat maps to infographics, data scientists make information easy to understand.
With such a degree, you could be a business analyst, a big data scientist, or a digital marketing manager.

#3: Robotics Engineering
Robots can't replace humans altogether, but they can replace specific jobs and eliminate some decision points. With an automated system, each step can be tracked, analysed, and reassessed to improve efficiency.
If configuring robots and developing software sparks your fancy, you could consider a degree in robotics engineering and a future as a Robotics Engineer, Designer, or AI Developer.

#4: Actuarial Science & Mathematics
Actuarial science has been around since the 17th century and is still one of the top ten jobs around.
If you are a whizz at statistics, math, and economics, a career as an actuary, a financial analyst, or an underwriter could be for you.
To produce life insurance and endowment policies, you’ll need to figure out the trends in factors such as mortality and apply compound interest.
Actuary typically makes use of supercomputers and actuarial models, so you’ll need to be proficient in the use of technology too.

#5: Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering plays a vital role in industries, from food processing to pharmaceuticals.
Want to become a chemical engineer? You’ll need a strong foundation in mathematics and chemistry to design a process to transform raw materials into a viable final product.
With such a degree, you could be a chemical engineer, an oil trader, or a pharmaceutical engineer.

#6: Finance & Economics
If you aspire to be an economist, an investment analyst, or a financial risk analyst, pursuing a dual-track in finance and economics is a good idea.
While economics equips you with the skillset to evaluate the risk and effects of micro and macroeconomic indicators, finance provides you with the expertise to analyze the risks involved in the transaction and liquidity of funds.

The Future Is Within Your Grasp

Selecting a future-proof degree is the key to unlocking your career aspirations.

Not sure what the top degrees in demand for the future are best suited for you? Speaking to someone that’s been in your shoes and know exactly what to look out for is the best way to figuring it all out.

At IDP, we pave the way to your future by providing tailored advice to suit your needs. From putting the finishing touches to your application to selecting your accommodation, our education counselors will guide you along.

Take the first step towards your future by speaking to an IDP counselor today!


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