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10 Hottest Postgraduate Courses in Australia to Ignite Your Career

With a reputation of having a wide range of high-quality courses that can cater to various requirements, there’s no doubt that Australia is a top study destination for students from all over the world.

Apart from having many prestigious and world-class universities, Australia is also a vibrant metropolitan hub that offers excellent student life as well as post-study work options.

While Australia’s higher education landscape is known to offer a plethora of undergraduate courses, there are many credible postgraduate courses that you can consider for career progression or even a job change. So if you’re thinking of furthering your studies, you might wish to consider pursuing a postgraduate course in Australia.

With top postgraduate universities such as the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales to choose from, there are numerous options for you.

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Top 10 Most Popular Postgraduate Courses in Australia<

  1. Business Administration

If you’re a business professional looking to advance your career and expertise, then a Business Administration postgraduate course is ideal for you.

With various options to study and specialise in different fields such as Accounting, Human Resources, Finance and Public Administration, among others, you would be able to upgrade your skills.

  1. Medicine

Australia is known for its med schools, so if you’re en route to becoming a medical professional, it’s a good idea to do a Medicine postgraduate course. Medical courses consist of both theory and practical aspects with clinical exposure – so you would have a solid foundation of medicine and also be clinically trained.

  1. Accounting

At the postgraduate level, Accounting is a popular field as it is available to students from any academic background. (Yes, even if you studied something completely unrelated before that!) So if you’re looking to make a mid-career switch, you can pursue a postgraduate conversion course.

For practising accountants, you can learn a new specialisation and broaden your knowledge of the field.

  1. Engineering

Do you aspire to be an accredited engineer in a variety of specialised disciplines?

If you do, an Engineering postgraduate course is designed to help you get closer to your goals. Apart from expanding your engineering knowledge, you would also learn to handle and execute complex professional projects in your selected discipline.

  1. Management Studies

Known for having strong connections with Southeast Asia’s developing markets, Australia’s Management Studies postgraduate courses could potentially help you build your career in Asia.

From digital innovation to strategy and more, you’ll develop the key skills that businesses look for in future leaders.

  1. Architecture

Those who wish to develop more advanced technical, design and professional skills in their practice of architecture should pursue an Architecture postgraduate course.

Besides taking your skills to the next level, you would also be able to specialise in specific areas.

  1. Law

Keep up with the evolving needs of the law industry by upgrading yourself with a Law postgraduate course.

Apart from extending your knowledge, you would also be able to gain a deeper and more advanced understanding of more areas of legal study.

  1. Fine Arts

If you have a passion for art, develop mastery in your field or practice with a Fine Arts postgraduate course.

You would also immerse in the theories of arts and culture while learning to conduct high quality research.

  1. Environmental Sciences

Want to do your part for the environment?

Learn about increasing energy efficiency and alternative energy use, as well as ways to minimise pollution through an Environmental Sciences postgraduate program.

  1. Social Studies

If you wish to improve the well-being of vulnerable groups, then a Social Studies postgraduate program is for you.

Explore theories from Psychology, Education and Sociology to learn how to support those in need of help.

IDP’s course search function would allow you to easily discover courses based on your specific preferences – not just in Australia, but also many other English speaking countries such as Canada and the UK.

So if you’re keen to explore your options, why not take the time to browse and do a bit more research?

Kick-start Your Postgraduate Journey In Australia

If you’re thinking of taking that crucial first step towards pursuing a postgraduate course in Australia but aren’t sure where to begin, we have a team of experienced educational counsellors who are here for you!

Besides being able to give you valuable advice and help you to fulfil your career aspirations, our counsellors can also guide you through the process of applying for your ideal postgraduate course in Australia.

So get in touch and book an appointment with us to get started!

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