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5 High-Paying Jobs That’s Worth Switching Careers For

The world is moving fast, and technological development is advancing exponentially. We aren't quite in the aero-taxis era yet, but keeping up with new developments will prevent rapid growth from leaving you in the dust.

Are you disillusioned with the lack of progression, professional stagnation, or lack of personal fulfillment in your current job? It may be time for a career switch!

New career opportunities are opening up first, and they are offering high salaries and better career trajectories you want to get into.

Deciding on the postgraduate degree to give you a leg up? Wondering which sector or industry you should consider a minternship in Switching Career Paths at 30? Consider a Minternship-Nov’19)?

Here are five in-demand high paying jobs you can draw inspiration from.

5 High-Paying Jobs in 2019 You Should Check Out

It’s been a decade of rapid technological progress, so it comes as no surprise that three items on our list are tech-related roles.

But the traditional jobs in business and finance haven’t lost their shine and continue to be in high demand. Many of these career opportunities will also benefit from postgraduate education, allowing you to climb higher and earn more over time.

Without further ado, here are the top five high-paying jobs in 2019.

#1: Data Scientist

Data has become increasingly integrated with our everyday life, and we make use of mobile computing on the go.

And it’s not just the traditional IT jobs that need data. Want to transit to healthcare industries? With a data analytics skill set, you could have a new role in healthcare analytics companies such as GNS.

If data analytics and visualization excites you, getting a Master's in Data Science will get your foot through the door. The industry is booming, which means that there are ample job opportunities; the lucrative salary of $118,000 doesn't hurt either.

#2: Digital Marketer

With rising mobile penetration rates, for brands hoping to cultivate a stronger following, digital marketing is the way to go these days. The top three in-demand skill-sets are digital business analytics, mobile development, and content creation.

The closest match when it comes to postgraduate degrees is the Master’s of Science in Communication Management or an MBA, where you’ll pick up the fine details of leveraging digital media tools to enhance productivity.

As a digital marketing manager with a Master’s degree, you could net up to $100,000 per year.

#3: Software Engineer

Dream of working in a tech company in Silicon Valley? With a software engineering background, achieving your goal is a breeze.

Software engineers are skilled in multiple programming languages and create complex database infrastructure.

Whether you want to work at Oracle or one of those innovative, fast-growing jobs, getting a Master’s in Software Engineering will give you an enviable skill set that’s the first step to achieving your goal.

With an entry-level salary of nearly $88,000, software engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs of 2019.

#4: Financial Planner

It’s a well-known fact that Singapore has a disproportionate number of financial planners as compared to other developed countries.

That’s probably due to the high earning potential, with successful FPs netting six-figure commissions from the sale of structured financial products.

Have a flair for sales or keen to help others make long-term financial plans? It’s time to take your CFP then!

While usually no training is required, a Master’s program in Wealth Management or Financial Advisory will equip you with a balanced qualitative and quantitative skill set that’ll help you manage the demands of your job.

#5: Business Consultant

If you are an expert in a specific field - be it healthcare, technology, or architecture - the role of a business consultant may be for you!

As a consultant, you'll be involved in every aspect of the business, from productivity to risk management.

Getting an MBA will give you the depth of knowledge required to solve complex problems through analysis, research, and modeling.

With an MBA, you’ll have a leg up over your peers. At firms like Mckinsey, you’ll be able to join as an associate straight away and skip the four-year experience requirement.

With a median salary of $82,000, business consulting is one of the most lucrative pathways you can take.

Take The Next Step Towards Your Career Aspirations

Transitioning to an in-demand, high paying career isn't impossible.

The essentials you need are a commitment and a clear plan to see your goals to completion, which includes upgrading yourself as a professional.

At IDP, our educational counselors can guide you through the process of choosing the right postgraduate course for that career jump.

Wherever your aspirations take you, we’ll be there for you - from your course applications to the selection of accommodations.

Take your next step towards your career aspirations by booking a counseling session with IDP today!

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