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5 Upgrades The Modern Professional Needs to Stand Out Today

There has been a growing number of degree holders in Singapore and almost everybody out there is one.

Yet, not all degrees are equal. In the current competitive job market, even a person who holds a degree with experience under his belt will still face difficulty in competing for a job.

So, what makes you get noticed, stand out from the crowd and land your dream job?

Whether you are looking to advance in your own industry, seize an opportunity in another company or switch to an entirely new field, you will need key professional upgrades to allow you to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will take you through the importance of each “upgrade” and provide you with actionable advice to get ahead of the competition.

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1. Crafting a Professional CV

A CV or Curriculum Vitae details and highlights your professional and academic history. And, it may even be the first and only window of communication with your prospective company.

Crafting a professional CV is important to allow yourself to be distinguished from the rest of your competitors.

You need to provide your potential employer with a chance to see your worth.

Craft a professional CV that is neat and easy to read displaying vital information about your skills, work experience and career thus far.

Filter relevant skill sets and customize your CV based on the job you are applying for even if you have no experience in the industry.

Remember, to stand out from the crowd, you got to let your potential employer see your value to the company.

2. Building your LinkedIn Profile

Building a reliable online profile such as your LinkedIn profile is another route to attract a potential employer.

The platform gives them information about your interests, skills and experiences that may be valuable to their company, giving them an opportunity to assess and consider.

While building your LinkedIn profile requires time and effort, it would be worthwhile considering that recruiters are also on the lookout and could contact you based on what you provide.

Keep your account active and updated regularly through constant postings of your latest achievements or experiences with evidence via testimonial threads by co-workers or friends,  and attach samples of your work and recommendations from your contacts.

3. Master Your Interview Techniques

Once you are shortlisted for an interview, ensure that you are prepared and have practised key interview techniques to set you apart from the crowd.

As you compete for a job with other applicants, not only do you need to rehearse for potential interview questions, you’d also need to find out more about the company and position you are applying for.

In fact, it is an advantage to prepare a few questions and answers of your own to demonstrate your interest and potential impact you’ll render with regards to the role you are applying for.

4. Build Your Professional Network & Join Associations

Your relationships and networks are as important as your qualifications and skills.

Get firsthand information on job openings you are interested in or receive relevant training by getting involved and actively participating in a professional association comprising relevant industry professionals.

This will broaden your network and help increase the number of recruitment opportunities.

5. Pursuing a Postgraduate Degree Overseas

Pursuing a postgraduate degree overseas to expand your skills and technical knowledge in your field of study is a great option to stand out from the undergraduate degree-saturated crowd.

This gives you an edge over those applying for the same position who may already hold a Bachelor’s degree similar to yours.

Better yet, gain all the perks from studying abroad - with myriad experiences for you to relish and revel in - as you grow into a more adaptable and insightful individual.

Ready To Upgrade?

Now that you have a better idea of the various upgrades to help you compete for a job in the competitive job market, start upgrading now.

At IDP, we can help you select and pursue your post-graduate degree overseas to gain a powerful edge in your career progression.

Book a free counselling session with IDP and let our counsellors advice you through every step of the application, from course selection to accommodation.

Free Counselling with IDP Indonesia

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