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Computer Delivered IELTS is Now Available at IDP Indonesia

As times are changing, modern people have become more and more used to living with digital gadgets. Whether it’s at work or at school, there’s a lot of us who are increasingly more comfortable to finish tasks with the help of a computer.

Let’s do a quick quiz. How many digital screens have you seen today? Is it two – your smartphone and personal computer? Is it four –your phone, your personal computer, plus your computer at work and the TV at home?

When your answer is more than 2, it might indicate that you are digitally savvy. This means you have a good grasp in utilizing digital tools to help your everyday life. In doing a comprehensive English exam like the IELTS, it’s a safe bet you would do it better on a computer!

As a response to these changes, us at IDP network as the co-owner of IELTS have developed a brand-new way of taking the test.

IDP Indonesia proudly present to you the breakthrough option of IELTS: the Computer-delivered IELTS test!


Computer Delivered IELTS bring you many benefits

As you may have guessed this new test option can give you advantageous solutions, such as the ability to type in and edit your answers easier rather than to write with your hand and strikethrough incorrect words. But there’s even more than 5 benefits of Computer Delivered IELTS that you should know.

  • Faster results (5 7 days)
  • More tests, more days of the week
  • Listening, Reading and Writing tests completed on a computer
  • Face to face Speaking test in a quiet room
  • Small, quiet computer labs
  • Complete all your test in one day
  • Test content remains the same
  • Academic or General Training
  • Free practice material available online

Practice for IELTS Listening, Reading and Writing tests with some Computer-delivered test questions here:

Computer-delivered Listening Practice Tests

Computer-delivered Academic Reading Writing Practice Tests

Computer-delivered General Training Reading Writing Practice Tests

IELTS on Computer is Available at This Test Centres in IDP Indonesia:

Currently we offer the exam at this test venue in Indonesia:

South Jakarta-IELTS Test Centre

Komplek Perkantoran Plaza 5 Pondok Indah Blok D 19, Jl. Margaguna Raya, Jakarta Selatan 12140

Phone - 62 21 7262335

Book your IELTS test with Computer only at IDP Indonesia!

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