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Where to Get Asian Groceries in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world’s most multicultural societies, and there are plenty of Asian immigrants and students who live and study in Melbourne.

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In order to cater to these folks, most supermarkets have some sort of Asian section, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a supermarket that doesn’t stock a single Asian ingredient.

That said, if you’re hoping to whip up soto ayam in order to satisfy your homesick induced cravings, you’d be better off heading to an Asian grocer which has a full range of ingredients that you might need on hand.

In this blog post, we’ll share the best Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Korean grocery stores where you can stock up on fresh produce throughout your school term.

1. Chinese Grocery Stores

Tang Food Emporium is Chinese in heritage, but it sells a wide range of Asian groceries, including specialty ingredients from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

The owners of the grocery store are from Macau, and they’ve been running their grocery store for 35 years and counting. If you’re hunting down a particularly obscure ingredient, this is the place where you’d want to go.

Tang Food Emporium, 185 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000

2. Vietnamese Grocery Stores

Located off Victoria Street in Richmond, Minh Phat Supermarket is chock-full of Vietnamese ingredients and produce. Other than the standard Vietnamese sauces and condiments, the supermarket also stocks fresh vegetables, canned products, preserved foods, and cooking utensils and equipment.

For tea lovers, there’s an entire aisle of tea, and you can buy rosebud, chrysanthemum and other teas here by the scoop.

Minh Phat Supermarket, 2-8 Nicholson St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

3. Japanese Grocery Stores

Need to get some Japanese ingredients to stock your pantry? Fuji Mart, located at 34 Elizabeth Street, is your best bet. You’ll be able to find a huge range of Japanese foods here, including fresh shiso, matcha, and even natto (fermented soybeans which are, frankly, an acquired taste).

Fuji Mart also stocks plenty of sake and Japanese beer, as well as non-food items such as stationery and cutlery.

Fuji Mart, 34 Elizabeth St, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

4. Indian Grocery Stores

Cooking up an Indian feast? One of the most popular Indian grocery stores in Melbourne is Limra Groceries at Carlisle Street. Here, you’ll be able to find both fresh and frozen foods, and all the Indian spices you could ever want (and more).

Pro-tip: Limra Groceries offers free delivery if you spend $70 or more, so round up all your apartment mates and go grocery shopping together!

Limra Groceries, 162A Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

5. Korean Grocery Stores

If you want to get your hands on authentic Korean ingredients, head to Korea Town Mart (also known as KT Mart).

This place might not look like much on the outside, but don’t be fooled. It’s actually a treasure trove of Korean ingredients, and it stocks plenty of kimchi, chili paste and sauces, and even ready-made dumplings and gyozas. PS: We hear the instant ramen here is both affordable and delicious.

Korea Town Mart, 600 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Life in Melbourne as a Student

Because there’s a sizeable Asian population in Melbourne, Melbourne is a pretty popular destination for international students.

Want to study in Melbourne, and experience Melbourne the way locals do?

The best way to do that is to apply for a university degree in Melbourne. For those of you thinking of studying and living in Melbourne, IDP is here to assist you and offer our support!

Apart from walking our candidates through the process of applying to study overseas and placing them in universities, we also help students settle down overseas, and take care of their accommodation and welfare services.

Who knows? This time next year, you could be studying in Melbourne, and honing your cooking skills at the same time. Fill out the enquiry form in our website to find out more!

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