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Guide To Surviving Your First Day Abroad

Here it is a guide for you who first lived abroad!

You have packed your luggage and paperwork, triple-checked that your passport is with you and are all set to get on the plane to your new study destination - but what happens once you land?

Living and studying in a foreign country can be a daunting experience for some and an exhilarating one for another - but it all boils down to your level of preparation.

Before you can get to enjoy the years of adventure and the new friendships you will make, you have to survive your first day!

While you’d need time to acclimatise and adjust to a new environment, the first day overseas will be one packed with plenty of errands and moving about.

Here’s giving you a little taste of what to expect.

  1. At The Airport - Get Your Local Cash & Luggage

While it is always preferable to get local currency for your study destination before you fly off, it might not be enough and that is one thing you don’t want to run out of if you are not careful.

Once you collect your luggage, make way to the nearest money changer and get it settled before handling your transportation arrangements.

  1. Head To Your Accommodation


Depending on your prior arrangements, you might be either staying with a homestay family, a rented apartment with friends or in the campus itself.

Understanding this beforehand is important to get the best type of transportation you’ll need. If you are staying on campus, getting a taxi will be a universal choice whether it is in town or located far away in the suburbs.

If your university is in the city centre, you could try to take public transport (if you aren’t carrying a ton of luggage and are having the rest shipped over).

  1. Call Home To Family & Loved Ones!

You’re probably alone in a foreign country and your family will probably be worried sick and wondering if you’re safe - drop them a call and get them to relax!

It’s just as beneficial for you to hear familiar conversation from people that you love.

  1. Connect With Your Education Counsellor


While you might have your own personal checklist of things you must do it, add this one to it!

If you encounter certain issues or hiccups while settling down, you can always get in touch with your IDP education counsellor to get advice. They have study abroad experience and will be eager to help you with any questions you have.

  1. Unpack & Get Settled In

While it might be tempting for you to either take a nap or just explore your new surroundings - it is good to start unpacking and this process actually allows you to find out what are the items that are missing.

Take your time to unpack and do remember to adjust your watch settings and devices to the new time zone you are in!

  1. Mingle With The People In Your Surroundings

Start making some friends, don’t wait until your first day of university!

Whether it’s to mingle with your host family or your fellow accommodation mates, say hi, mingle and maybe even explore the city together.

  1. Take A Trip To Your Campus

trip in campus

If you’re not staying on campus, you should do a little bit of recce and check out the university campus. Get some orientation of where the different buildings are, your potential lecture theatres and even chill-out spots where you can unwind and destress during the semester.

Your First Day Abroad Can Be Fulfilling

While you might have a million thoughts racing through your head and endless preparations that might be needed for your school term, the trick is to take it one day at a time and to clear the essentials as early as possible.

The friendly counsellors at IDP are also on hand to provide tips to help you thrive in your host destination. If you are still thinking about studying abroad, simply book an appointment with a counsellor and they’ll help get you started.

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